Sangfor VDI 5.9.1 is now in General Availability!

Following the successful release of Sangfor VDI 5.9.0, where VDI was converged with HCI for a streamlined architecture, we are now proud to announce the launch of Sangfor VDI 5.9.1!

This latest version of our cutting-edge virtual desktop solution continues to break new ground to satisfy critical user demands. It introduces advanced AI technology and optimized features to further simplify VDI management and enhance the user experience. Find out more!

Streamline Operations and Management with AI

VDI 5.9.1 introduces the AI-driven Intelligent Operation and Management (IOM) Platform, set to redefine the management of virtual desktops. IOM streamlines fault resolution through intelligent analysis and diagnosis and automatically generates solutions to ensure business continuity. It offers real-time monitoring of VMs, tracking key metrics such as resource utilization and application usage to provide valuable insights for optimizing business operations. Now, you can make informed decisions on software license purchases and the recycling of idle VMs based on actual application usage, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Launching Sangfor VDI 5.9.1 - Streamline Operations and Management with AI

Unleash Productivity in 3D Scenarios

The new version continues to offer enhanced features and performance for 3D scenarios. For the first time, users can remotely access 3D applications in WAN environments, allowing them to work on projects regardless of time and space. Our self-developed HEDC 2.0 protocol now supports up to 144 FPS display for PC clients at 4K resolution on a single screen and 2K resolution on dual screens. This delivers an industry-leading 3D user experience while minimizing VDI bandwidth requirements, offering you substantial savings on bandwidth costs.

Launching Sangfor VDI 5.9.1 - Unleash Productivity in 3D Scenarios

Empowering Flexible Work Arrangements with User Roaming

Sangfor VDI employs a User Profile Management (UPM) solution to ensure the roaming of personal data and configurations after the VM’s system disk image is restored in non-persistent and pool desktop modes. Our UPM technology uses containers to separate user data and software configuration files from system and installation files. User data and configuration files are stored on independent software and personal data disks to enable roaming with the user.

Sangfor VDI’s UPM uses fast virtual disk mounting technology so that personal data and software configuration files are loaded in seconds after users log in. In contrast, FSLogix technology stores files on a NAS disk, and users need to download them one by one, which consumes significant time and bandwidth. Moreover, Sangfor VDI’s UPM technology does not depend on AD domains for configuration, simplifying the process for administrators.

Feature UPM 3.0 (≥5.9.1) FSLogix
Storage Mode Container File
Storage Location SMB File Server
Local Disk
VDC Virtual Drive
SMB File Server
Loading Speed ≤3s ≥10s, download all files
Software Compatibility All Only supports app configurations stored in the User folder
None %username% Folder ×
AD Domain Optional Mandatory
Configuration Complexity Easy, configure in VDC Complex, requires AD Domain
Cross VDC Cluster
Folder Redirection
Search for Outlook email Not all vendors support this feature

*This comparison and information is based on the Sangfor interpretation of publicly available data as of the date of preparing this comparison.

Built with Business Continuity and Security In Mind

We’ve also made significant improvements to VDI’s availability and security capabilities. It now supports three “hot” features of Hot VM Migration, Hot Upgrade, and Hot Resource Adjustment, which allows for changes without interrupting business.

To improve remote access security in WAN scenarios, VDI 5.9.1 now offers FREE support for Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator for two-factor authentication (2FA).

Revamp Your Workspace with Sangfor VDI 5.9.1

Sangfor VDI 5.9.1 redefines the modern workspace with advanced AI technology and innovative solutions like HEDC 2.0 and UMP 3.0. It is carefully designed to boost IT operation efficiency and user productivity, laying a solid foundation for business growth and digital transformation.



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