Sangfor’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution updates are rolling out in June, on schedule and on point with the most cutting-edge industry standards, with version 6.1.0!

Liz Dietz, VP for Strategy and Product Management for Workday said, “Best-of-breed technology ecosystems are composed of individual administrative applications ideally tied together using middleware and integrations. I use the word “ideally” because, in many instances, maintaining the integration points of multiple systems — if the integration indeed exists — is a costly, time-consuming endeavour.”  There are numerous updates and improvements available in this newest version of HCI, offering more comprehensive and powerful connection and protection across the board.

First, in an effort to simplify and streamline our product lines, Sangfor’s aCloud and aCMP solutions are now simply HCI and Sangfor Cloud Platform (SCP). HCI and SCP version numbers (6.1.0) are identical, making the process of upgrading even easier to understand.

HCI now works closely with Sangfor’s Cyber Command security solution, to provide a much needed and more complete security posture. CC works with a distributed firewall to quarantine infected cloud hosts automatically, provides an API snapshot in the case of ransomware attack to minimize loss, suspends VM’s confirmed to be mining illegally, and supplies both manual and automated security policy settings.

In the newest version of HCI & SCP, Sangfor has eliminated the need for a USB key, which used to be mandatory for license activation, simplifying scalability and speeding up deployment. SCP has also been designed to manage HCI clusters of different versions, making it simpler to implement new and fresh solutions with existing infrastructure. Customers with an existing HCI cluster can use SCP to unify the management of all clusters, while those with existing clusters who wish to try out SCP management can easily upgrade. SCP works with most HCI versions, so those without a desire to upgrade can still deploy SCP.

Finally, SCP supports unified management with Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning a consistent IaaS user experience with both public and private cloud, and simplified O&M with guaranteed isolation of cloud resources.

Why Sangfor?
Sangfor is committed to building the most useful, cutting-edge and next-level solutions for security, cloud and infrastructure. Sangfor updates are consistent, with our skilled R&D department constantly developing the most requested and needed solutions to our partners and customers.

Sangfor Technologies is an APAC-based, global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at to learn more about Sangfor’s HCI and SCP cloud solutions, and let Sangfor make your IT simpler, more secure and more valuable.

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