Sangfor announced today that Forrester, a global standard-setting market analysis company, recently released its report entitled, "Now Tech: Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Q2 2020," naming Sangfor among the vendors included in this overview.
Deep Industry Roots & Reputation of Innovation
We believe that Sangfor being included in Forrester's report proves that Sangfor’s cloud computing products and services have been widely recognized as being vital to helping users' data centers evolve into the cloud.

Sangfor’s hyper-converged products are based on general x86 architecture but are also provided with independent innovated ARM architecture. ARM architecture hyper-converged products have compatibility certification with mainstream domestic chips, operating systems, middleware, and databases, forming a heterogeneous mixed resource pool solution of x86 and ARM routes, to help users achieve smooth ARM architecture transformation.
Sangfor has recently released a cloud computing platform extending from the IaaS layer infrastructure of the cloud data center, based on hyper-convergence, to provide a cloud data center containing all critical services, including IaaS, PaaS, security, operation and maintenance management. Sangfor provides a complete data center solution for users with the agile, efficient, safe and reliable characteristics businesses require.

Sangfor has developed many new product capacities and solutions through cooperation with many well-known users including the United Nations Information Center, Tomson Baker, Moutai Group, Guangzhou First People's Hospital and Wuhan University. Sangfor has been proven capable of fulfilling all user demands and all IT requirements by commitment to continuous innovation.

Since first joining the virtualization field in 2013, Sangfor has been committed to delivering time-saving, smooth, flexible, safe, and reliable data center cloud solutions and services for global users, solving user issues in all stages of digital transformation.

Over the past two years, Sangfor Cloud Computing has expanded significantly within Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with more than 10,000 users in many key verticals including government, enterprise and medical.


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