According to the latest release of “2018 China Q4 thin client market tracking report, IDC” shows that China's VDI thin terminal shipments grew rapidly in 2018, and Sangfor ranks second with a total market share of 23.58% in China.

Sangfor ranks second for two consecutive years in the Chinese Virtual Desktop Infrastructure market

With the development of big data, cloud computing and global digital transformation, the enterprise IT infrastructure and business cloudization has accelerated, which promotes new demands for supporting terminal solutions and thin clients to replace traditional PCs. By providing users with the ultimate experience, better security and efficient desktop cloud solution, Sangfor has been highly recognized in the desktop terminal market. Up to now, Sangfor has delivered more than 700,000 thin terminals and 750,000 virtual desktop licenses. What is behind Sangfor desktop cloud success and how is it so popular with users?

Continuous Innovation to Ensure the Ultimate Experience

Sangfor desktop cloud has been iterated over 30 versions since its release, aiming to bring users the ultimate cloud desktop experience. Each innovation of Sangfor has brought customer new cloud-based office experience, such as deep integration of hardware and software, "zero bus" peripheral mapping technology, vGPU solutions based on KVM infrastructure, high-performance desktop encoding protocol and deep integration visual security capabilities.

1. Deep integration of software and hardware

Sangfor desktop cloud provides an end-to-end solution, and the integration of each component is highly optimized. The desktop cloud all-in-one machine is a software and hardware integrated server designed for “cloud desktop”, including virtual desktop controller, server virtualization, storage virtualization and other software platforms to achieve simple and one-stop delivery. Resource division and software updates can be completed quickly with a few clicks on the Web unified management platform, greatly improving the deployment and operation experience.

2. "Zero bus" peripheral mapping technology

Sangfor desktop cloud has outstanding strength in peripheral compatibility. Based on the zero-bus mapping peripheral mode, it can be compatible with mainstream peripherals, and set up a peripheral laboratory to conduct comprehensive compatibility certification testing for a wide range of peripherals. More than 1,000 peripherals have been certified for compatibility testing, allowing users to use peripherals such as cameras, scanners, and printers on the PC to enhance the peripheral experience.

3. High-performance vGPU solutions based on KVM infrastructure

Together with Nvidia, Sangfor jointly released the first vGPU solution based on KVM infrastructure in China, which enhances the performance of desktop cloud in big data, artificial intelligence and other complex graphics processing, resulting in a smoother user experience.

4. High performance desktop coding protocol

The HEDC high-performance desktop coding technology is introduced to reduce the bandwidth consumption of the WAN office when the multi-user preempts the bandwidth. In a relatively poor network environment, Sangfor desktop cloud can still bring a smooth experience to users.

5. Deep integration of visual security capabilities

Sangfor desktop cloud integrates the accumulation of security technology of which Sangfor has for more than 10 years of experience and builds a “cloud-net-end” comprehensive visual security protection system. It has consolidated the security from six dimensions: terminal security, network security, platform security, access security, isolation security, and data security to achieve the ultimate security and enhance the security office experience.

Industry-wide coverage with a wide range of applicable scenarios

Through continuous technological innovation, Sangfor VDI solution is currently widely used in government, enterprise, education, finance, medical and other industries with more widely applicable scenarios, such as general office, development testing, multi-network isolation, student computer room, graphic design, WAN office, etc.

Sangfor desktop cloud can be suitable for different business scenarios, whether it is single or diverse, professional or complex, and allows users to upgrade the office experience. For example, it is suitable for the security needs in corporate office, the need for government office to isolate multiple networks, the need for financial development testing to prevent data leakage, complex graphics design, high-performance requirements of resources, as well as the need for switching between different operating systems.

As a cloud computing application, Sangfor desktop cloud enables users to realize the cloud transformation of terminal IT infrastructure with fast online setup, more data security, lightweight management and good user-experience.

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