Sangfor Technologies was listed by Forrester, the leading research and advisory firm, in the recently released “Now Tech: Enterprise Firewalls, Q2 2022” report, in which Forrester offers insights into the enterprise firewall market plus an overview of 17 enterprise firewall providers.

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Key Report Insight

Forrester notes in its report that the pandemic created “an existential crisis for the enterprise firewall as organizations looked to cloud-delivered security functions”. However, with society recovering to quasi normality, a large majority of employees have returned to the workplace, meaning that grand old network firewalls still have a major role to play in protecting networks and securing organizational perimeters. Forrester thus recommends security and risk professionals to “refocus the enterprise firewalls’ attention back to the networks they were originally designed to protect”.   

Segmentation Criteria

Forrester based its analysis of the 17 enterprise firewall vendors on two main factors: Market Presence and Functionality. 

Market presence divides vendors into the following three categories: 

  • Large established players (over $300 million in enterprise firewalls revenue)
  • Midsize players ($150 million to $300 million in enterprise firewalls revenue)
  • Smaller players (below $150 million in enterprise firewalls revenue)

Functionality divides firewalls into the following four categories:

  • Enterprise Edge (Next-Generation Firewalls)
  • Branch Firewall
  • Virtualized or Cloud-Delivered Firewalls
  • High Performance Layer 4 Firewalls

Sangfor Segmentation


Sangfor has been recognized in both the Enterprise Edge and Virtualized /Cloud firewall functionality segments. These come in the form of our cutting-edge next-generation firewall Sangfor NGAF, which can be deployed on-prem and on the cloud, ensuring full coverage of firewall capabilities. This means that our firewall solutions can be leveraged in any use case for robust network and cloud security protection. Sangfor NGAF in particular is the world’s first AI-enabled, WAF-integrated next-gen firewall, fully correlated with Sangfor Endpoint Secure (EDR) and Cyber Command (NDR), and powered by Sangfor Neural X threat intelligence, helping users block over 99% of malware at the perimeter.  

Market Presence 

Sangfor has been listed in the midsize category with $150-$300M annual revenue, with 88% market presence by revenue in APAC and 11% market share in EMEA, which we believe reflects our aggressive and ambitious localization strategy. With over 60 branches in countries across the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Pakistan, South Africa, and the U.S., coupled with locally based partners and support teams, we aim to meet the unique demands and circumstances of each respective country to deliver a tailored concierge service to maximize customers’ experience and value.

Vertical Market Focus

Our NGAF solution serves a wide range of customers, from aspiring SMBs to established enterprises across various industries as well as government organizations. According to the Forrester report, Sangfor’s vertical market focus by revenue is comprised enterprise, government, and healthcare customers, which we believe is helping us accumulate vast project experience and product and service differentiation in these sectors. Our sample customers listed in the Forrester report are J&T Express (multinational Indonesian logistics company); the Ministry of Labour of Thailand; and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia.

Forrester has fact-checked their report with vendors before publishing. 
To read the Forrester report in its entirety, please visit: 
(NB: Report is only available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase)

To learn more about Sangfor’s industry-leading next-gen firewall NGAF, including product advantages, features, success stories, videos and more, please visit the following link:

About Sangfor Technologies

Sangfor Technologies is an APAC-based, global leading vendor of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Network Infrastructure solutions. To find out more about Sangfor’s full range of offerings, please visit us at, and let Sangfor make your digital transformation simpler and secure.

Source: Now Tech: Enterprise Firewalls, Q2 2022, Published April 27, 2022
By David Holmes with Joseph Blankenship, Alexis Bouffard, Peggy Dostie

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