SAP Certified for Cloud and Infrastructure Operations and SAP HANA Operations 1
Recently, Sangfor has become the newest inductee into the SAP Outsourcing Operations Partner program for both Cloud and Infrastructure Operations and SAP HANA Operations, which indicates that Sangfor has the ability of implementation and service in the SAP project, operating and maintaining the server running SAP applications and the SAP HANA all-in-one machine to ensure the SAP bearer.

SAP Certified for Cloud and Infrastructure Operations and SAP HANA Operations 2

What is SAP Outsourcing Provider Certification?

Conducted by SAP SE, the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP Certification exams are carefully crafted to validate the expertise and experience of SAP partners, software users, customers and professionals who aim to operate in an SAP environment. SAP certification is a rigorous process taking years, designed to provide partners the training and expertise needed to effectively operate software and programs that run with SAP modules.

SAP Outsourcing Provider Certification (SAP OPC) is dedicated to helping SAP users identify first-class IT service providers to meet their operations and maintenance needs such as IT operations, database operations, and product operations. Partners certificated by SAP OPC, can provide a complete portfolio of outsourced operational services to various SAP users, ensuring that SAP users can obtain highly reliable, high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective operations on the partner platform.
SAP Certified for Cloud and Infrastructure Operations and SAP HANA Operations 3
Sangfor Cloud Computing has officially passed the SAP OPC certification auditing and become the official partner of SAP. The certification shows that Sangfor cloud computing has reached the official SAP certification standard for the SAP application system,  from the infrastructure (data center, network, hardware), cloud platform to SAP HANA operation and service capabilities.

SAP Solution based on Sangfor Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Sangfor HCI can provide business system softwares such as ECC, SRM, MDM, PI/PO, CRM, HRM, EWM, and Hybrids on the Hyper-converged platform for SAP’s scale-up scenario. It also supports separate deployment if user prefer using the SAP HANA database all-in-one machine. If users adopt the Oracle or SQL server databases, they can also deploy all the SAP business software components and databases on the Sangfor hyper-converged platform to achieve unified management.

·Build or Transform SAP ERP Business System Scenarios

Sangfor hyper-converged platform can carry SAP business components stably, ensuring the business continuity through the hyper-converged platform's highly available HA mechanism. It can also ensure data security through distributed storage dual copies and monitor the business and database system (Oracle/SQL Server/MySQL/MongoDB) by unified monitoring platform. With guided database installation and optimization, Sangfor hyper-converged platform can also improve the stability of data operation and reduce the front-end deployment time. The built-in CDP module (separate authorization) also provides continuous data protection and achieves second-level backup and recovery.

·Adopt SAP HANA Database Authentication All-in-One Machine Scenarios

After adopting the SAP HANA database, users will encounter the requirements of the HANA database authentication for the all-in-one machine. Sangfor combines third-party SAP HANA all-in-one machine and deploy developing and testing components on Sangfor hyper-converged platform, achieving a joint solution deployment of HCI + SAP HANA. Sangfor hyper-converged platform can also be used in conjunction with users' existing traditional FC-SAN architecture to store data on the centralized storage or aSAN distributed storage, which is inseparable from Sangfor hyper-converged platform’s support for protocols such as iSCSI, FC, etc. In addition, the platform can also realize the bidirectional Storage vMotion migration between centralized storage and aSAN distributed storage, truly achieving converged architecture construction.

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