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TEK Group Italy


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Customer Background

TEK Group is a world leader in the production of high quality tire repair kits. Internationally marketed under the Fix&Go® brand name, their repair kits are used by major automobile manufacturers worldwide.


TEK Group, worldwide company with Headquarter in Switzerland and several subsidiaries around the world including Italy, planned a new production plant in Malaysia. They needed to project a new remote datacenter and a solution to handle the project core functions: server virtualization and perimetral security including secure remote connection between Italy and Switzerland.


  1. Server virtualization to handle 8-10 virtual machines to support every IT service needed by people working in this new big plant like Active Directory authentication, file sharing, virtual IP phone service, database, administration, management and production software with stability and high availability.
  2. New firewall to protect the network, manage internet traffic and handle stable VPN connection with headquarter for data exchange, backup and remote management.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor was chosen for its advanced technology, the ability to provide secure and fast support and with local professional partner.

Implementing an HCI cluster of 2 Sangfor aServer-2200, each one well equipped as CPU, memory, disk and network. The customer is now able to develop any kind of IT service to the 50+ people working in the plant, from office to production floor. The light web management interface gives the Italian IT manager the control of everything inside the system.

NGAF manage the internet access with policy control and remote connection from Italy, with standard IPSEC VPN to connect with Headquarter, with VPN SSL to permit access to administrator and support from everywhere.

NGAF Features that Customer Finds Important

  1. IPSEC VPN Management and performance
  2. SSL VPN Simple access and management
  3. User authentication with Active Directory server
  4. Audit Log & Report
  5. Bandwidth management and balance
  6. App control & Web Filtering

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