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Universitas Padjadjaran

Customer Overview
Universitas Padjadjaran (also known as UNPAD), was established in 1957 and is one of the leading higher educational institution in Indonesia with more than 44,000 students across 16 faculties with a Postgraduate Program.

UNPAD’s mission is to provide world-class education and has set to develop and integrate the use of information technology to enhance the quality of public services as one of the primary goals in offering superior education service to its students and teachers.

UNPAD has implemented different kinds of educational systems such as online education, online examination and online library to strengthen the e-learning service. The network allows teachers and students to freely access these educational contents.

However with 44,000 internal users and about 18,000 concurrent users, the network management became the IT department’s nightmare. P2P (Peer-To-Peer) downloading activities drained the bandwidth and dragged down the overall network performance. This made most of the educational systems almost unusable. In addition, some students could also access disruptive content, such as porn or gambling on internet which is forbidden by the law.

Sangfor Solution
One of the main internet management hassle is due to the lack of network visibility. It is because there were so many applications coming in & out simultaneously through the network that it prevented UNPAD’s IT department to identify the root cause of the bottle neck and deploy effective management policies.

As a result, SANGFOR proposed a solution to help UNPAD’s IT department with its tailored Sangfor Internet Access Management (IAM). UNPAD also benefited from IAM’s renowned authentication capability while it quickly and seamlessly integrated with UNPAD’s LDAP server.

Sangfor Solution
Traffic Visibility

With Sangfor IAM, UNPAD managed to immediately map the traffic pattern of the students’ internet access activities. The real-time graphical traffic report showed that 60~70% of the bandwidth was being used by P2P and online video applications. The IAM also showed that they had students accessing inappropriate websites which need to be filtered

Bandwidth Management

With Sangfor IAM’s bandwidth management module, UNPAD is now able to guarantee and/or limit the bandwidth based on application, user/group and schedule. The bandwidth for email, online library and online examination has been guaranteed with specific percentage for uplink and downlink. Bandwidth of P2P download and online video was limited to 20% percent during night time and it was completely blocked during day time.

The IAM’s bandwidth management solution is well-known for its flexibility. IAM is also famous for its powerful and effective P2P applications management capability.  P2P management is one of the most important but hard to achieve feature in bandwidth management solution due to the variety and fast evolution of the P2P tools and different versions. Given the situation, SANGFOR developed its unique P2P intelligent identification technology which enables IAM not only to recognize and control ordinary P2P applications, but also recognize and control the unordinary ones such as encrypted and future versions of P2P applications to deliver a highly effective P2P management solution.

URL Filtering and Application Control

With IAM’s built-in URL and application databases, SANGFOR IAM can identify and categorize billions of URLs and over 700 internet applications. Internet websites and resources are granularly categorized as educational content, email, gaming, IM chat, media streaming, proxy software, porn and more than 100 other categories, so that the IT department of UNPAD can easily setup management policies to fit the specific needs of its teachers and students.

The IAM will also rank the top applications/URLs or corresponding categories that students are accessing.  This can help the IT department of UNPAD identify students’ access preferences and easily associate content with risks.

Logs and reports

IAM is equipped with more than 1,000 reports which are designed to assist UNPAD to manage its IT network effectively and efficiently.  With IAM, UNPAD is now able to know their current Internet traffic status as well as historical traffic trends for performance analysis, which allow UNPAD IT team to proactively manage their bandwidth usage.  By leveraging IAM's customization portal, UNPAD management team can preset and subscribe reports that they find useful. IAM will automatically send all subscribed reports to the corresponding user's mail box.

Sangfor IAM : Features

● User traffic ranking
● Application traffic ranking
● URL access statistic
● Real time traffic statistic based on device type

● P2P and online video stream limitation
● Guarantee bandwidth for core business
● IM/Email control
● URL filtering
● Anti-proxy tool and anti-illegal hot-spot
● Safe search based on keyword of search engine
● Traffic/time quota based on user
● Separated management for domestic and international traffic bandwidth
● Online user number limitation for one account

● Infected endpoint scanning and reporting
● IPsec VPN
● Anti-virus
● Traditional firewall
● Proxy and authentication
● SSO with third-party authentication server

Notable Customers

With Sangfor IAM deployed, UNPAD managed to solve the previous bandwidth abuse and inappropriate problems they were facing. The internet access has been regulated and accelerated. Students and teachers in the University of Padjadjaran can now experience an enjoyable e-learning environment.

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