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Kenanga Investment Bank

Customer Overview
Established for more than 40 years, Kenanga is a financial group in Malaysia with extensive experience in equity broking, investment banking, listed derivatives, treasury, corporate advisory, Islamic banking, wealth management and investment management.

Today Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad is the No.1 Retail Broker in Malaysia as named by Bursa Malaysia Berhad. Kenanga Investment Bank is one of the largest independent investment bank in the country by equity trading volume and value, as well as one of the top three brokerage houses with the largest network of remisiers.

As one of the most prestigious financial & investment company with several branch offices in Malaysia, Kenanga Investment Band Berhad (KIBB) encountered many issues with its WAN (Wide Area Network) due to the long distance between its different offices and its bandwidth limitation.

They have to transfer thousands of documents each day, and the transmission of large files took forever to send & receive before. The branch offices also have to access the HQ server to copy the files they need but they downloaded them with a very slow connection speed.

KIBB was also facing some issues with employees who surfed on non-work related websites during working hours. The traditional firewall failed to do content filtering and they were using HTTPS websites so it was not possible for the IT team to track them.

They were also unable to control up to layer 7 applications like P2P applications. P2P applications were used to download and stream online video which occupied a large part of the network bandwidth. This reduced the performance of critical-business applications, which resulted in low work productivity.

Sangfor Solution
By deploying Sangfor WANO, KIBB can accelerate web applications, especially Exchange applications. Thanks to the Caching feature of WANO, they are able to reduce the redundant data by 50%. With the bandwidth management function of WANO, they can now guarantee the performance of core applications and thus increase the work productivity.

With Sangfor IAM, KIBB is also able to filter inappropriate content and websites, including HTTPS websites such as Facebook & Twitter. They are  also able to block unauthorized P2P applications from accessing the network which set free an important part of the occupied bandwidth.

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