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Regal Kowloon Hotel (Hong Kong)


Customer Overview

Centrally located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Regal Kowloon Hotel offers convenient access to Hong Kong's commercial district and transportation links. It boasts a 24-hour fitness center and elegant rooms with spacious interiors. Regal Kowloon Hotel also offer scenic views of the park, city or Centenary Garden.


Many guests were complaining about the slow internet speed, especially when accessing overseas websites. A solution was urgently needed to regulate the internet access and ensure that each guest would have enough bandwidth to have a pleasant internet surfing experience.

Due to the high number of P2P sessions, the existing billing system was becoming unstable. Without any traffic reporting tool, the Regal Hotel was also unable to locate & track the root cause.

SANGFOR Solution

Using SANGFOR IAM, the Regal Hotel is now able to deploy network policies to ensure that each guest has an adequate amount of bandwidth for a normal internet usage. Bandwidth consuming websites & applications such as YouTube are limited to avoid bandwidth congestion.

By limiting and controlling the number of P2P sessions, the pressure on the billing system gateway has been relieved and is now stabilized.

Thanks to the integrated reporting tools in Sangfor IAM, the Regal Hotel IT team is now also able to have a total overview of its network and use it whenever they need to report to the management team.


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