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Macau Red Cross

Customer Background

The Red Cross Movement began in Macau since the 1920s. In 1922, the Movement was integrated as a branch of the Portuguese Red Cross. The organization was formally renamed the Macau Red Cross (Branch of the Portuguese Red Cross) in 1987. After China reclaimed sovereignty of Macau on December 20, 1999, the Macau Red Cross transitioned into a highly autonomous branch of Red Cross Society of China.

Customer Demand

Customer has the requirement of building up a new data center and replace some existing aging physical servers and virtualize them. They also need to build up IT infrastructure for new branch office, as well as remotely backup servers from HQ to the new branch office.

Customer Concern
- Budgetary concern. Customer entity is NGO, and there are not enough resources for IT construction. The limited budget needs to be invested in equipment for new branch, as well as upgrade and integration of HQ IT infrastructure.
- High availability. The original traditional IT server is prone to hardware failures that lead to business disruption. A mature & reliable new solution that can provide redundancy is a MUST.
- Need to simplify O&M as there are only 2 IT administrators.
- Remote backup. Customer wants to remotely back up HQ server to branch office; when problem occurs at HQ, systems can be restored in branch office.

- Security protection. Customer wants the new infrastructure to be protected by next generation firewall.

Sangfor HCI Solution
Customer has compared solutions from other vendors with Sangfor HCI. In the end, they’ve decided Sangfor solution is the most cost-effective one.

Sangfor HCI solution has fully integrated server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization and network function virtualization. The other vendors’ solutions must integrate with third party security vendors for security requirement, which increase complexity of maintenance and operation, making integrated services impossible.


- IT infrastructure based on Sangfor HCI was built for customer HQ and branch office. An aServer1000 has been deployed respectively in HQ and branch, establishing 2 highly efficient HCI clusters which provide server virtualization, network virtualization, security virtualization, and data remote backup capabilities.

- Sangfor HCI’s unified management console can do the entire platform’s operation and maintenance. With this platform, there is the ‘What You Think is What You Get’ feature to create the whole IT topology. Deployment of HCI appliances is within 1 day. IT business online time has be greatly shortened and O&M for VMs can be easily done.

- IT staff can now easily manage the whole IT system and have more time to do the IT analysis job!

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