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JSI Indonesia

Customer Background
PT Jakarta Setiabudi Internasional Tbk. (“JSI”) is one of the nation’s most prominent real estate investment and development conglomerate, which was founded by Jan Darmadi in 1975.

JSI has four business groups to support its operating activities, namely hotel group, residential group, office & townhouse group and retail group. It was listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1998 under the Development Board.

As of year-end 2014, JSI manages total assets with a market value of approximately Rp13.7 trillion. With solid support from more than 3,200 dedicated and highly skilled employees, JSI is confident in its ability to uphold its position as one of Indonesia’s leading real estate investment and development companies.

Customer’s Challenges
- Brute Force Attack: Mikrotik being attacked and the whole JSI network is shut down.
- Malicious Malware: Affected PCs broadcast fishing Email to other PCs and outside clients, thus JSI’s public IP got blacklist (mxtoolbox) by ISP.
- App and Website Filtering: Need to control apps and filter pornography websites.

Sangfor NGAF Value
- Bandwidth Management & URL Filtering: Managing different links of Indonet/biznet, filter domains with keywords like ‘sex’.
- Security Protection: APT, IPS, content security, and block botnets, abnormal traffic and attack.
- Cost-Effectiveness: Lower TCO compared to other vendors in 3-year term.
- Strong Technical Support: Timely and dependable local support.

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