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Crowne Plaza

Customer Overview

Crowne Plaza Danang is centrally located between Hanoi, HCMC and the gateway to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Domestic and international leisure-seekers and professional meeting organizers take advantage of the benefits of staying at the Crowne Plaza Danang, the largest international upscale hotel along Danang Beach.


As business in the Crowne Plaza Danang grows, accumulated data and information stored in their physical servers has become one of the biggest issues preventing seamless productivity. Employees have difficulty accessing data stored on their physical servers and storage, due to the large amount of data transmission within the internal network, as well as the obsolete physical server and storage hardware.

The IT manager of The Crowne Plaza finds it difficult to have staff focused on user experience when the server and storage O&M tasks are so overwhelming.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor designed a new server and storage solution for the Crowne Plaza, including a virtualization platform, making it easier to manage, highly scalable, and a seamless network design.

Figure 1: Crowne Plaza’ s new virtualization servers and storage solution

Sangfor HCI

Sangfor designed a solution with 4 physical servers for the Crowne Plaza, with all 4 servers grouped together through a process called “clustering.” Once they are clustered, the 4 physical servers are merged into 1 logical resource pool and shared with all of the virtual machines, virtual storage, and virtual network devices in the Sangfor HCI. Sangfor HCI allows redundant copies of a virtualized server to run on different nodes within a cluster, helping The Crowne Plaza to ensure data availability.

Furthermore, the virtual network platform in Sangfor HCI could allow user to seamlessly design or create their own virtual topology from the console.

Figure 2: Sangfor HCI clustered resources pool

Figure 3: “What you think is what you get” console screen

The virtual network platform provides Crowne Plaza the freedom to add or remove virtual routers and switches or to connect and disconnect these servers in any way they desire.

Sangfor HCI provides a virtualization platform for servers and storage and greatly reduces the server maintenance workload. Performance has been sharply improved by the virtualization platform, as resources like CPU, memory and storage do not need to traverse through multiple internal network layers.

Figure 4: Draft virtual topology of Crowne Plaza’ s virtual server farm.

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