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City International Hospital


Customer Overview

City International Hospital (CiH) is a tertiary care provider in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Inaugurated in 2014 located in Bình Tân District, the gateway to Mekong Delta. City International Hospital is the first general hospital to be developed within the International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park in Ho Chi Minh City. With a capacity of 320 beds, it is now one of the largest international-standard private general hospitals in Vietnam. The hospital has 21 medical specialties and ancillary services, 60 full-time physicians, 500 non-medical staff, and it  serves half a million patients  a year.


Difficulties to Manage Multiple Security Platforms

Managing a firewall has never been an easy task for IT administrator, which became one of the certain issues in City International Hospital. Most of the IT resources have been run out while focusing on the expanding scope, not to mention about the complexity of nowadays’ security platforms console.

Security of Critical Servers

Due to the coverage and scale of CiH, the hospital has deployed with a bunch of servers which would be given a critical application to run with including the HMS. Hence, the security of these servers had become one of the critical issues as well, and it’s mandatory for them to have a dedicated module to protect their server farm from attackers specifically.

Lack of Network Visibility

Data independence of each separated security platform resulted in the invisibility of the network security. IPS never shared those vulnerability details with firewall, and APT never shared endpoints’ status with IPS. It may not seem like an issue when each of it could work independently, but it’s an undeniable difficulty that user has to review each of the reports to have a complete understanding of their network.

Because of the above problems, Sangfor has provided an all-in-one solution which combined endpoint security, APT, server security, WAF, and IPS as well in one single box. Sangfor NGAF deployed as the gateway of the LAN environment in CiH, providing complete security protection to endpoints as well as servers.

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