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Abenson Benefits from Sangfor Comprehensive & Next-Gen Defense System


Abenson Benefits from Sangfor Comprehensive & Next-Gen Defense System

Abenson is one of the biggest nationwide chain of retail stores (over 120+ stores) in the Philippines. Abenson has been established to satisfy the growing needs of the Philippine market for home and business appliances and furniture, information technology products and consumer goods.

Abenson is located in the Philippines with their stores, data centers, warehouses, and branches which need to access to the Head Office located at Quezon City, Metro Manila. To meet the increasing demands and make shopping more convenient for its customers, Abenson launched its “Abenson Online Super Store” where you can shop online. Online store makes Abenson more reachable to customers where they can buy, pay online, and track their orders.

Business Challenges
The rise of e-commerce such as online shopping, online payment, and cloud data storage have proven beneficial to customers, but security challenges have emerged. Branches, stores, franchises, and warehouses are required to expand to meet customer needs and provide better services. Given these facts, the bottom line is how the retail industry protect their network.

The IT team manages core system applications which are hosted in the Head Office with backup on the DR site so they must make sure that the operations are well secured. The IT team handles security attacks internally especially for abnormal behaviors which weren’t initiated by employees, as well as online transactions attack, which increases the difficulty of the security operations and maintenance.

Therefore, Abenson was looking to address the following challenges:

Lack of protection against advance and evolving attacks

Due to weak protection of existing UTM, Abenson experienced ransomware, malwares, advance and sophisticated attack which compromised operation of the affected departments.

Insufficient comprehensive protection
On the advent of digitalization, Abenson launched “Abenson Online Super Store” to make shopping more efficient for customers, but attackers have seen this as an opportunity to make more money.

With this, the IT team experienced different vector attacks such as unsophisticated attacks, sophisticated attacks, corporate espionage, state-sponsored attacks, malicious code, unauthorized access, credential abuse, distributed denial of service, and sustained probe to the internal network, business assets including the server farm & branches.

Attackers have also exploited the security loop of branches which exposed another vulnerability in their network.

That is the initial reason why they were looking for a comprehensive protection system that can protect against all types of attacks.

Complicated security analysis and invisible vulnerability
Abenson is still expanding which also requires an increase in human resources and business assets. With a large number of stores, branches, warehouses, employees and assets, Abenson was overwhelmed with logs which make them incapable of responding quickly to the security event, mitigate risk in a shorter time, and often needed a security expert to help them resolve these issues. Blinded with loopholes in the operating system, middleware loopholes, external personnel’s system access, attack behavior, etc., they weren’t able to identify these vulnerabilities.

Lack of dynamic security awareness
Defense traditionally focuses on passive-blocking features such as IPS, content security, anti-virus, etc. Abenson’s IT team had difficulty to manage against sophisticated attacks, and as the company continued its expansion, the changes in the IT infrastructure couldn’t be stopped. With policies already in place, changes in the company IT’s assets brought new security vulnerabilities. How to identify the potential risk & danger was limited to the personal knowledge on cybersecurity of the IT team.

Data security transaction between sites
Operations of Abenson are centralized yet have unsecured connectivity between each site. Critical information like sales, financial data and inventory travel in between sites and they were concerned about its security. They urgently required secured access & secured data transfer of all traffic going from their stores, data centers, warehouses and branches going to their Head Office.

Sangfor Solution

With the increasing threats and dangers, Abenson were looking for a solution that could provide secure connectivity and comprehensive security solutions that could safeguard data transaction both internally and externally, as well as protect their web applications on their servers. Proposed solutions were required to include VPN to safeguard data transactions between sites while providing security for networks and branches against different all kinds of attacks such as converged and effective security with APT, Sandboxing, DLP, WAF, IPS, AV, DDoS, and PVS.

The IT management team evaluated solutions across different brands including solutions from the top brands. Sangfor NGAF proved its ability to cater the Abenson’s requirements for secured connectivity and provide comprehensive protection with complete security visibility.

Next Generation Converged Security

To protect the Head Office, warehouses, branches, and DR from different attack vectors, NGAF provides converged security with next-generation firewall, WAF, IPS, APT, Sandboxing all-in-one appliance for complete security visibility, protection for web applications and against unknown signatures. Sangfor strengthens the security of Abenson with the use of AI engine for dynamic detection, intelligent analysis of false alerts, anti-DDoS, and ransomware detection.  


Easy to understand the report and automated logs analyzer

This allows top management to understand what transcend regarding security events easily. NGAF identifies compromised workstations and IT assets with security incident reflected as security events so that the IT team can mitigate and respond faster to risks.


Evaluate overall security on the entire network

NGAF provides not only signature-based security to Abenson, which is very crucial to their environment but also with PVS, web scanner and dynamic awareness. NGAF proactively identifies new business assets or updated business assets through “Sangfor Business Recognition Engine” and after discovering the change in assets, it will automatically perform an incremental assessment of “changed assets.” It reduces the online exposure of new vulnerabilities and continuous detection of abnormal behaviors of internal users and business assets, discovering potential risks to minimize possible losses. NGAF help Abenson’s IT team identify real risk, valuable information, and application, where they reside and who has/needs access.

Sangfor BBC & Security Butler

Sangfor BBC enabled easy management and monitoring of Sangfor devices, and fast rollout of policy configuration. Sangfor Butler, which enabled centralized monitoring of threats, on-demand analytics of security status from branches, network and business applications, and fast response to attacks.


Security connectivity with Sangfor VPN

NGAF builds a high-speed, secure tunnel for data transactions between sites using Sangfor VPN. Sangfor VPN also has built-in “keep alive” feature to provide more stable connectivity.

The Benefits

With the NGAF, Abenson is now able to secure its internal network, IT assets, branches, stores, warehouses, and DR site which connect to the Head Office through encrypted traffic. The implementation of Sangfor NGAF helped Abenson improve its overall security as well as protect customer’s information with less operation and maintenance. IT team can spend more time on improving the online shopping experience of its customers.

“Thanks to the comprehensive, reliable and future-proof Sangfor NGAF, we could step into a new era of secure digital transformation for customers ”

Mike Alcantara
IT Head of Abenson

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