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The Kasih Group is an Indonesian healthcare group that was established in March of 2008. The Sumber Kasih Hospital was the first facility to join the group with 9 more hospitals joining later on - including a Mother and Child Hospital. Every hospital that has joined the Kasih Group has its own unique story but each one upholds the same underlying mission - to maintain family values as the highest priority in its operations. Family heritage is very important to the Kasih Group and each hospital facility under its umbrella has been actively striving to serve its community for more than 20 years.

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Business Pain-Points

The Kasih hospital group was using bare metal servers with no virtualization capabilities for its main databases. 

The company was also hesitant to buy a database license due to the cost it would incur as most of the group’s apps needed to be run with high-availability features.

Additionally, the group’s limited IT team could not maintain the complex infrastructure required and needed simplified operations combined with a cost-effective solution.  

Finally, the Kasih Group endeavored to implement a standardized business model for each of the hospitals under its management.

Sangfor’s Solution for Kasih Group

Sangfor proposed the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution to help the Kasih Group virtualize its main data center - catered especially to the group’s critical apps. The transition would help the healthcare providers switch from a 3-tier solution to a consolidated single-tier result compacted into one convenient cluster. 

Furthermore, the high availability features provided for the hardware ensured automatic migration for apps in the event of node failure. Sangfor also allowed the Kasih group to maintain its IT operations through a simplified and easy-to-maintain dashboard which mitigated the need to invest capital into more teams to handle the infrastructure.

Lastly, the Sangfor HCI is now being used to run the Healthcare Information Systems of up to 8 of the Kasih Group’s main hospitals - ensuring efficiency and consistency throughout the healthcare provider’s network. Sangfor ensured an improved and consolidated IT solution for the Kasih Group to allow it to continue serving the community with innovative and life-saving healthcare.


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