Sangfor HCI as the Main Support System in the Manufacturing Industry


PT JFE Steel Galvanizing Indonesia (JSGI) is a subsidiary of JFE Steel Corporation - the number two steel manufacturer in Japan with the most advanced steel-making technology in the world. PT JSGI has been established as the first company in Indonesia to manufacture high-quality galvanized steel sheets for the automobile industry.

PT JFE Steel Galvanizing Indonesia


Challenge of PT JFE Steel Galvanizing Indonesia

Located in the MM2100 Cikarang Industrial Estate, which is also the location of their main office, PT JSGI requires a speedy response to support their main system, namely MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a computing system commonly used by the manufacturing industry to track and document raw materials and the process they go through to create high-quality products. This system plays a pivotal role in PT JSGI’s day-to-day processes. Because of this, PT JSGI is in need of a fast and reliable infrastructure that will support its MES. This key application is a high priority for PT JSGI so it requires a reliable and experienced infrastructure, including guaranteed data protection.


Sangfor HCI comes as a solution in providing infrastructure and data protection for JFE Steel’s main applications. Sangfor HCI (hyper-converged Infrastructure) is a cloud architecture that combines computing, storage, networking, and security onto a single software stack. This provides an all-in-one architecture solution that not only meets organization IT cloud architecture needs, but also provides backups and data recovery to ensure business continuity, and data and network protection.

Even more, Sangfor provides tools to help users migrate either Linux-based or Windows-based systems.

Sangfor HCI with built-in HA and backup function ensures PT JSGI has a secure system and operates 24/7 non-stop for their business. Sangfor HCI also provides scalability, which will allow PT JSGI to adjust its service agreement according to its business needs.

“With the sophistication of technology from Sangfor HCI, we are not worried if there is a service disruption to our infrastructure system. Everything is monitored and controlled carefully & precisely by Sangfor. Sangfor HCI reassured & fulfilled our concerns perfectly. We believe Sangfor is the right vendor for us and we trust them to provide innovation in Indonesia” - Anang Supraba, IT System Manager PT JFE Steel Galvanizing Indonesia.

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