Rugby School Thailand

Executive Summary
Customer: Rugby School Thailand
Industry: Education
Location: Thailand

• Multi-Platform Internet Authentication
• Traffic Visualization
• Bandwidth Management
• Application Control
• Web Filtering
• User Behavior Report
• Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence

Customer Overview
Rugby School Thailand (RST) champions a new era of international schools in Thailand. Their 80-acre campus sits in the majestic, rolling countryside of Thailand's Eastern Seaboard near Pattaya, Chonburi. The educational experience is based on the expansive mindset and traditional values of a 450-year-old British private school model.

Their ethos is 'the whole person, the whole point.' They believe in taking education beyond the classroom and nurturing the 'whole person' – mind, body, and spirit – to give the pupils a holistic sense of self and enable them to achieve in all areas of life. Children thrive in this glorious setting and first-class facilities, and they enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, full of variety and stimulation.

Rugby School Thailand aims to become a benchmark for international education in Thailand, Asia, and the rest of the world.

Requirements and Challenges
It is imperative to provide reliable Internet services for RST’s stakeholder's pupils, teachers and staff members, parents and guardians, external contractors, and all the other visitors to the school.

RST is determined to follow compliance with Thailand’s regulations and is actively looking for systems that provide peace of mind solutions. RST is dedicated to paramount safeguarding practices, to keep their stakeholders safe from increasing cyber-bullying and other Internet-related threats. Therefore, being able to identify these malicious online activities provides educators with the ability to engage earlier and prevent any further damage.

With the increasing use of technology in lessons, RST needs the ability to manage their limited Internet bandwidth, crucial to providing a balance in the distribution for users while ensuring VLAN bandwidth and critical to ensuring that lessons are conducted without any disruptions.

RST was also looking for a simple and reliable Guest WIFI system designed to cater to visiting parents and guests. The system needs to be able to provide multiple authentication methods so that it is intuitive for the visiting stakeholders to connect to the network for their personal web browsing.

After deploying Sangfor’s Internet Access Management (IAM) solution, RST noted that they had seen increasing efficiency and effectiveness in managing their network. Sangfor approached the issue and designed the solution with the following features: 

1. Internet Log & Analyzer 
2. Internet Authentication 
3. Web Browsing Filtering 
4. Bandwidth Management

The Bandwidth Management features enable RST to better manage their Internet bandwidth for each specific devices and service. It has helped eliminate issues that arise when too many devices are connected all at once and have allowed them to gain control of their internet connection speed.

The monitoring tools provide RST better analysis of any malicious online behaviour that may be potentially risky.

The Guest WIFI multiple authentication systems provide a simple and intuitive connection for RST’s visiting stakeholders. The system allows visiting guests to choose from a variety of authentication methods including password, Facebook, Google, LINE, Twitter, or SMS. It is a secure and reliable way to connect to the internet without hassle.

Why Sangfor Succeeded
Sangfor IAM started their proof-of-concept service for RST to solve the problems with their current system. They started by comparing the log and analyzer system to ensure it’s better than the existing system.

IAM’s main advantage is it features, making the user experience more comfortable by providing bandwidth management for iOS usage data. It also allows you to track your traffic and monitor how many people are using your app. IAM integrates with their existing Ruckus Wi-Fi system, which implemented an 802.1x solution to provide internal authentication systems seamlessly. IAM's hardware itself also had a design of fail-open architecture.

Finally, after a long proof-of-concept period, IAM proved real-time connectivity and control to users. It is effortless to use and to implement by any user, without any need to install anything. It is also swift and secure, compared to other solutions. 

RST Says…
“We have found Sangfor to be extremely useful in assisting us identifying real-time network issues and have helped us manage our network more efficiently and effectively.” Eric Ho, Director of IT.

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