Customer Background

Sunway University is a leading not-for-profit private university committed to the pursuit of education through scholarship, research and enterprise and is one of only eleven universities in Malaysia to be awarded the Premier Digital Technology University status by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation. The University is committed to investing in the next generation through research-led teaching and to this end, continues to equip our campus with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities. To date, the University has drawn more than 26,000 students from over 90 countries to its vibrant, 880,000-square-feet campus. At Sunway, students and academics thrive in the discovery of ideas and opportunities in the heart of Sunway City, adjacent to some of the best public, medical and social amenities in Malaysia.


Customer Challenges

• Poor application identification accuracy

• Desire to replace Bluecoat PacketShaper

• Requiring multiple solutions from a single device

• Poor reporting functions

• Lack of bandwidth management capabilities


Business Pain Points


1. Sunway’s existing traditional network management tool was powerless to identify some applications. For example, students' use of a Multithread Download Tool was directly affected by overall bandwidth performance, which led to poor KPI results for their IT department due to complaints about bandwidth.


2. Sunway’s network management tool was no longer able to handle the traffic volume of the whole campus and EOL, with the total number of users around 30,000. Support and services provided by their vendor were continuing to decline, creating higher CAPEX and OPEX.


3. Sunway was looking for an IT solution that would provide bandwidth management and more value-added services.


4. Sunway IT administrators often had to take business hours to review massive and time-consuming logs to generate reports for management.


5. Sunway was not satisfied with their bandwidth management module, as it could not adjust automatically based on usage conditions.


Sangfor Solution - Sangfor Internet Access Management M9000 Model (IAM)


1. Sangfor IAM holds more than 4000 application signatures, including mobile, Web, and cloud applications. The cloud IAM application database updates once per week to ensure it is aware of the latest applications in the market.


2. After the POC unit (M9000) was deployed on the Sunway University network for 2 months, they reported stable performance, even during peak hours with 20,000 concurrent users. The new hardware appliance with a high specification allows users to enjoy higher bandwidth speeds that weren’t available on their old appliances, even with bandwidth packages from ISP.


3. Sangfor IAM provides additional solutions for future implementation, including multiple authentication methods (landing page, single sign on, QR code), customizable advertisement push/notifications page, quota management and endpoint control (limited login attempts).


4. Sangfor IAM provides more than 50 types of reports and logs, helping IT administrators to monitor all campus network information and results in an easy to read graphical visual.


5. IAM provides a more flexible bandwidth management solution, automatically adjusting bandwidth availability, dependent on the most current usage stats.

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