Application acceleration is a network solution designed to alleviate issues like WAN latency, packet loss and bandwidth congestion. Seems like a relatively simple and attractive idea –  “My applications are running far too fast,” said no one ever.

But, according to a survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, 44% of respondents in the APAC region are still relying on extending their bandwidth to boost application performance. commented on the statistic, saying, “the findings revealed a preference for utilising more bandwidth to overcome Web application performance issues. As adding bandwidth does not overcome latency issues caused by physical distances between source and destination, this potentially means that the prevalent issue of application latency remains unresolved for many enterprises.”

Virtualization has seen many applications move to data centres and farther from end-users, creating latency issues (especially for branch users), and at its worst, creating IT downtime. Gartner says that the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute and could be as high as $540,000 per hour – nothing about this sounds simple or attractive.

77% of CIO’s report that they operate on a cloud-based infrastructure, making application connection difficult for remote or branch users who need to wait for the application to filter through the data centre before use.

Consider the land space of massive countries like China, India or countries like Vietnam and Indonesia with vast remote populations and high mobile penetration rate. As a wide, sprawling and diverse geographical area, the APAC region is littered with branch locations and remote offices in every industry – meaning solid application performance for branches the next frontier.

In his article, Who Needs Application Acceleration and Why?, Raymond Nahorniak reminds readers, “Network technology and applications are constantly improving. If your performance benchmarks are a few years old, then the performance potential of your network and the applications running on it may be at levels that are a few years old as well. In other words, just because your network is performing as well as it always has doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s performing as well as it could — or should.”

Why Sangfor?
Sangfor Technologies originated and operates out of the APAC region and is committed to supplying unique solutions for the unique needs of each region, customer and company. Sangfor’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a seamless, safe and affordable solution for desktop and application virtualization, and has recently released its latest update, focused on providing efficiency, safety and smooth operation with a focus on supplying Application Acceleration for SMB’s and Cross-Border Organizations.

Sangfor also offers an SD-WAN solution, popular in the APAC region due to its unique geographical layout and numerous remote branches. With dynamic path selection and automatic fail-over, SD-WAN is fast becoming a consistent replacement for traditional MLPS links which are expensive to maintain and scale and often experience bottlenecks due to high traffic.

Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at and get in touch with Sangfor Technologies today to see what we can do to custom build IT solutions to keep you and your data secure and available.


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