A three-tier architecture is a well-established software architecture in which the functional process logic, data access, computer data storage and user interface are developed and maintained as independent modules on separate platforms.  It’s popularity stemmed from the freedom it gave IT teams to independently update specific parts of the application without affecting the architecture as a whole. Scale up and out were easy and new hardware could be added as-needed, giving this configuration a high degree of flexibility, valuable to organizations interested in upgrades and future growth as new technology becomes available.

It’s wide availability makes a three-tier architecture a common choice, but it also presents some issues in its generality and one-size-fits-all design. Different organizations require unique scaling and processing solutions, sometimes finding all the layers to be overkill or boundaries becoming harder to defend, as small individual changes are gradually introduced, making it impossible to track issues, malfunctions and alerts. These challenges are further complicated by long procurement cycles for new equipment, large initial investment, and increasingly complicated O&M.
Why HCI?
As three-tier architecture is increasingly overwhelmed, more businesses are moving to the simplicity and efficiency of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). Administrators are attracted to the simplicity of using a single management console, in addition to the consolidation of legacy appliances into far less complex and space and power consuming hardware, sometimes cutting TCO by up to 70%. One-click application deployment means fast and easy time to market, and one-step enterprise cloud data storage further simplifies the scaling and management process. Let’s break down a few of the biggest benefits CIO’s are finding with HCI.
Data Center Consolidation
Data center consolidation is proven to provide excellent ROI, with studies showing 90% of organizations reporting very positive results after consolidation. Consolidating server, storage, networking and security into one single platform, Sangfor HCI dramatically simplifies data center architecture and O&M.
Cloud Transformation
A Propeller Insights global survey indicates that COVID-19 has inspired 40% of companies to currently accelerate their move to the cloud. Sangfor HCI combined with a cloud management platform makes a complete cloud computing platform. Run workloads on HCI with cloud automation and agility, and maximize your investment by leveraging public cloud economics and private cloud control on a single platform.
Enterprise Applications
Enterprise application solutions like business process management (BPM) and software configuration management (SCM) are increasingly relied on for everything from tracking production and procurement to delivery to the end consumer. Sangfor HCI has been optimized for enterprise applications from the underlying architecture to the management interface. Mission-critical enterprise applications can be easily and securely deployed and managed with just a few clicks on the intuitive GUI.
Data Protection & DR
93% of companies without Disaster Recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year. Sangfor HCI provides a variety of data protection features like snapshot and backup to continuous data protection (CDP), ensuring data is protected at different levels based on application requirements. Business continuity is also ensured with a simplified disaster recovery solution, a vital component with ever-increasing ransomware and malware activity.
Why Sangfor?
“In my opinion,” says Scott D. Lowe, vExpert, “HCI stands out as the key disruptor in the past decade. It opened minds as to what was possible, and exposed just how hungry enterprises had become for simpler IT constructs.” Exploring HCI might be the smartest thing you’ve done this year, and as you can see, you are in good company. Contact Sangfor today to learn more about our HCI and cloud transformation solutions.

Sangfor Technologies is an APAC-based, global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at www.sangfor.com to learn more about Sangfor’s Security solutions, and let Sangfor make your IT simpler, more secure and  valuable.


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