Sangfor HCI White Paper: Explore More about the World's Most Advanced and Secured HCI Platform


Explore More about Security Features
on the World's Most Advanced and Secured HCI Platform


Security is an indispensable building block of today's cloud data center. With cloud technologies making applications much easier to obtain and consume, vulnerabilities and malicious attacks are not uncommon to be experienced by businesses and end users. Released in 2015, Sangfor HCI has held security at the center of its product design. It is the world's first HCI platform that's fully integrated with next generation firewall. Security is deep in the DNA of Sangfor, and Sangfor HCI is no exception. A variety of technologies and solutions have been implemented on Sangfor HCI to offer the ultimate protection for customers' business and data. In this white paper, you will be able to understand how Sangfor HCI is secured from the inside out on the layers of management, business, data and kernel.


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