Early 2020 has tested the world with fires, floods and viruses, forcing many global enterprises to utilize video conferencing in lieu of more traditional face-to-face meeting settings. Poor video conferencing abilities, now more than ever, mean unclear communication, efficiency and decreased productivity.

Smooth and Steady Video Conferencing with Sangfor SD-WAN 1

 What is slowing down your Video Conference?

1. Bandwidth Shortage
In most networks, APPs compete with each other for bandwidth. 720P video conferencing requires 2Mbps of bandwidth while 1080P video conferencing needs 4Mbps. If video conferencing APPs are unable to secure the correct amount of bandwidth, connection will be slow and glitchy.

2. Link Quality
Video conference is a critical app, sensitive to link quality. If the packet loss rate is above 3% with a latency of above 200ms, the video conference is sure to have frame issues.

Sangfor SD-WAN Solution for Video Conferencing

Smooth and Steady Video Conferencing with Sangfor SD-WAN 2

1. Guarantee bandwidth for video conferencing by insuring video conferencing traffic is a high priority.

2. Reduce other traffic and save bandwidth for video conferencing. For customers with limited bandwidth and heavy business traffic all running in the same link, Sangfor SD-WAN enables 90% reduction in network traffic, saving bandwidth for video conferencing functions.

3. Link optimization like FEC (forward error correction) and the implementation of packet redundancy technology drastically reduces the packet loss rate.

4. Customers with multiple WAN links utilize Sangfor SD-WANs dynamic path selection, which supports link detection based on QoE (packet loss, latency and jitter) and dynamic optimal path selection for video conferencing. 

Smooth and Steady Video Conferencing with Sangfor SD-WAN 3

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