Asia is exciting. HBO’s series Westworld has nothing on Asia, which saw 247 million tourists flood into the APAC region in 2016 with China and Thailand topping the list and raking in over USD 80 billion between them. People a clamoring to get into this thrilling “Eastworld” (without the pistols but plenty of saloons) where you can do what you want, see what you want and be what you want – within reason of course, and in relative safety and comfort.
The APAC region is undergoing so many massive changes, one of the changes that has absolutely nothing to do with tourism is the rapidly aging population of those who live here. Deloitte’s article Asia’s Growth on the Cusp of Change is a fascinating look at the future of “Eastworld” AKA Asia, and how “aging will have more of an impact in Asia than it will across the world as a whole.” A comprehensive view of the economies and populations in the APAC region shows that people are living longer and “We’re getting older. We’re getting richer. New technologies will add to health care costs. More people will be living with chronic conditions.”
We at Sangfor Technologies agree with Deloitte that “every challenge is also a business opportunity.” People in the Asian region are able to afford and expect better healthcare and are living and working longer. The writing is on the wall and the healthcare industry is responding with a much-needed infrastructure optimization and massive migration – across borders and to the cloud.
In a HIMSS Analytics Analytics Cloud Survey sited by an article in Forbes, participants list cloud uses in a wide range with the most popular use (43%) hosting clinical applications and data. A few of the other more popular uses include “information exchange” (38%), “backup and DR” (35%), and hosting of HR and financial records, applications and archived data. Louis Columbus of Forbes breaks it all down nicely in his article 83% of Healthcare Organizations are Using Cloud-Based Apps Today. Admittedly, this information is from 2014 and focuses mainly on the use of cloud in Western medicine, but this is exactly why this information is so important!  This is the future of Eastern medicine as it continues to expand, optimize and cloud-ize.
Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) published 15 case studies in 2017 detailing the use of cloud in a healthcare setting entitled, "Towards Better Patient Outcomes and Staying Well: The Promise of Cloud Computing for the Healthcare Industry" which can be downloaded from  For a more recent success story, check out Sangfor Technologies HCI installation case study for Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center in the Philippines or read about Sangfor’s work optimizing the infrastructure of the Macau Red Cross.
About Sangfor Technologies:
The year 2027 will see the over-65 population of Asia increase by 160 million people compared to the 33 million projected for EMEA and the Americas. Now is the time to make sure that our aging population in the APAC region is cared for in the most efficient, professional and cost-effective way possible! In the spirit of Mother’s Day and looking forward to Father’s Day, Sangfor Technologies will continue to optimize and cloud-ize the healthcare industry in the APAC region and beyond.
Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at for more information!

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