In conjunction with the release of the latest NGAF version 8.0.26, Sangfor is pleased to introduce the newest NGAF subscription bundles, designed to help organizations to deal with continuously evolving cyber threat by providing the flexibility to choose the appropriate security subscription easily and quickly!

  • The Essential Bundle is primarily suited to SMB/SME customers, and includes basic firewall, IPS, application control & URL content filtering. This bundle is an ideal selection for minimal security protection scenarios like those found in a small office or remote office environments.
  • The Premium Bundleis designed to help enterprises mitigate business risk by providing protection from advanced malware attacks, known & unknown. Coupled with Sangfor Engine Zero (AI-based malware detection) & Sangfor Neural-X (threat intelligence), the Premium Bundle delivers more effective & accurate new malware variant detection compared to legacy MD5 signature hash matching methods.
  • The Ultimate Bundle includes all security subscription features from the Premium Bundle in addition to a cloud-based Security Operation Center (SOC) and Sangfor Platform-X, providing centralized management and automatic O&M for branches which require enhanced security protection capabilities for a distributed enterprise.
In addition, the Ultimate Bundle also provides a complimentary 30x Endpoint Secure agent for mid-size enterprises who require a truly integrated Firewall + Endpoint correlation & response solution.
Sangfor understands there is no 100% secure solution, but Sangfor is the world’s first security vendor to offerIncident Responseservices to our NGAF customers as part of a total security subscription. NGAF customers enjoy total peace of mind with post incident containment, security forensics and overall security reinforcement recommendations.


All Sangfor NGAF Bundle Subscriptions include STS & HRTF.
STS = NGFW software upgrade & 24*7 technical support services
HRTF = Return to factory (5 business day shipping after receipt)


Security Subscription Renewal Migration Policy


For existing customer running a Gateway Bundle (GWB) & Gateway Advanced Bundle (GWBA), an upgrade or renewal to the Premium Bundle & Ultimate Bundle are recommended.



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