In a fast-paced and evolving world, data security is of utmost importance. Your company relies on keeping client data safe and the network secure to ensure business continuity and a good brand image. This is where SaaS security comes into action.

What is SaaS Security? Best Cloud Security Solutions For Your Company

What is SaaS security?

SaaS – or Software-as-a-Service - is a form of various applications data protection for a wide range of businesses. The SaaS security solutions usually include encryption, authentication, access controls, network security, and data backup and recovery.

From large international enterprises to smaller local businesses, more companies on average now use around 80 different SaaS applications - a number that has grown tenfold since 2015.

The use of SaaS security has increased due to the security systems becoming more affordable, being managed by a service provider, being easy to use, and offering industry-leading technology. However, as businesses begin to adopt and incorporate a SaaS environment into their processes, concerns about cloud security are increasing.

Fortunately, many of the security risks associated with SaaS application security can be resolved with the right SaaS security measures. This blog offers some basic information about what SaaS cloud security is, as well as some of the top solutions businesses can implement into their operations.

SaaS Cybersecurity

Each SaaS application poses a potential cloud security threat. Without proper mitigation measures, this could spell disaster for the business. The nature of cloud services means that there is no physical presence on your business premises.

While this can have its benefits, it also means you have less access control over security issues. By using a SaaS service, you allow a third-party business to control and manage your sensitive data.

This means that a data breach on the side of your SaaS vendor is now also your concern. Your business has limited control over how your company and customer data is stored and managed – which means that your data security could be breached as well through the vulnerabilities in the vendor’s platform.

Additionally, every endpoint device that connects to the cloud network and SaaS platform is seen as an additional potential security risk. Since cloud software can be accessed from anywhere using any device, equipping SaaS platforms themselves with security measures is crucial.

While most SaaS vendors will provide some degree of security with their solutions, it’s usually not enough to comply with the corporate and professional standards of specific companies.

Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, predicts that 95% of security failures in cloud and SaaS applications are caused by weaknesses on the customer’s side, not the vendor. If this is the case, the vast majority of security breaches and threats can be completely avoided by implementing SaaS security solutions into your core business operations.

Sangfor’s  Top 5 Cloud SaaS Security Solutions

Sangfor offers various SaaS products that continually monitor and keep you safe 24x7x365 from all internet threats. Enterprises are encouraged to apply security practices to protect sensitive information while transmitting over internet through data encryption. Let’s go through the Sangfor’s SaaS products which are recommended for each size of enterprises.

Web Gateway and Web Filtering

The internet is a huge resource with near-infinite possibilities and now most businesses have started to use the cloud. Specific examples include internal communications, managerial processes, marketing, and more. 

However, the internet can also be a source of great distraction for employees and is vulnerable to security breaches. A web gateway and filtering cloud SaaS application improves your company’s security and minimizes the number of potential risks. 

Having a secure web gateway - like Sangfor’s Internet Access Gateway - allows your business to simplify user access and network management within your business. It allows you to seamlessly control your network traffic for 30% more efficient bandwidth utilization. 

This gives you complete control over application usage, minimizes access to non-business-related sites, uncovers encrypted traffic, and more. 

Network and Web Application Firewall

There are both hardware and software firewalls that your business can use. Hardware firewalls are typically more comprehensive solutions as they operate as a standalone device connected to your network. 

This means that they do not consume processing power from the device itself like a software firewall would. Despite this, hardware and software firewalls provide similar benefits. Solutions like Sangfor’s Next-Generation Firewall - are available in both hardware and software form. 

Firewalls are a vital cloud security solution and can prevent a wide range of cybersecurity breaches. Sangfor's Next-Generation Firewall blocks 99% of malware at the perimeter. External and internal threats like phishing sources, malicious domains, and remote installations are all blocked at the source by monitoring traffic, access logs, and more. 

Additionally, AI technology helps the firewall identify server issues and network security vulnerabilities. This keeps your network free of malware – allowing you to focus on your business. 

Endpoint Security

If you want a truly comprehensive SaaS cybersecurity system, you need to go beyond just a firewall. Sangfor’s Endpoint Secure works with Sangfor’s Next-Generation Firewall to both identify and eliminate threats swiftly. 

An endpoint security system strengthens your SaaS applications through behavior detection, process blocking, virus killing, and automatic isolation and blocking. 
As a holistic SaaS security system, endpoint security also offers your business defenses against all aspects of a malware attack - from infections and C&C communication where hackers control the infected system to try and compromise your network to exploitation and even propagation where hackers spread malware or ransomware to other devices on your network. 

Automated Threat Response

Ransomware incidents are increasing at a rate of around 300% each year. Having an automated threat response system like Sangfor’s Cyber Command is one of the best ways to improve your cloud security and protect your brand. 

Without an automated threat response system, network administrators are hampered by undetected vulnerabilities, complex logs, and poor visibility. The whole process is also incredibly costly for the business. 

In comparison, an automated threat response system - like Cyber Command - uses AI, machine learning, and threat intelligence to offer continuous threat detection and response. This improves the overall SaaS security for your business.

Access Secure – A SASE Solution 

Sangfor Access Secure is a cloud based SaaS security solution. In the era of SaaS solutions and cloud applications, it can be hard to keep track of how your employees or branches are connecting to business applications. A Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)  platform, such as Sangfor Access Secure , provides businesses with an easy method of redirecting all traffic through one consolidated location with several security checks. 

Users are required to verify their identity - only providing access to authorized personnel. Sangfor Access also protects your network from unknown threats while allowing your employees to remotely access all the platforms they need.

Learn More About Cloud Security

Improve your security team with a combination is SaaS solutions today. Sangfor offers a comprehensive range of cloud security platforms that offer tailored advice based on your specific business needs.

For more information on Sangfor’s cyber security and cloud computing solutions, visit or contact Sangfor for SaaS Security inquiries.


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