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Sangfor’s BlueOps Team has had a fantastic year, being chosen to present at DEF CON 29, and creating a stellar track record of malware and malicious file detection and vulnerability research. Microsoft knows the importance of recognizing those demonstrating excellence in their field, and created just that platform with their MSRC Researcher Recognition Program, published on August 4th, 2021. The Microsoft blog published an article of “Congratulations to each of our MSRC 2021 Most Valuable Security Researchers!"


 "The MSRC Researcher Recognition Program offers public thanks and acknowledgement to the researchers who help protect customers through discovering and sharing security vulnerabilities under Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure. Today, we are excited to recognize this year’s Most Valuable Security Researchers (MVRs) based on the impact, accuracy, and volume of their reports.” SOURCE: Microsoft Blog.

The Sangfor BlueOps Team

Sangfor's highly skilled, BlueOps defensive security testing team works toward improving attack detection and defense strategies. Experienced security teams like Sangfor's BlueOps Team are responsible for ensuring enterprises have the tools they need to respond effectively, identify threats quickly, and keep their users safe.

Sangfor BlueOps latest success was with their DEFCON 29 presentation of Don't Dare to Exploit - An Attack Surface Tour of SharePoint Server –in Las Vegas on August 7, 2021. Their work was pivotal in discovering several new SharePoint attack surfaces, and the steps to take to mitigate the risk of attack. The presentation was given by BlueOps members Zhiniang Peng and XueFeng LiZhiniang Peng has the position of #6 on the MSRC Researcher Recognition Program list, with XueFeng Li listed as #22.

Sangfor is proud of the BlueOps team and their work on this project, and many others. Security research always continues at Sangfor, where a full 20% of our revenue is invested directly back into R&D for our suite of security, cloud and infrastructure products. Look for new Sangfor BlueOps presentations and publications in the future! Or visit our website today at, to see the products our BlueOps Team has helped develop and research – making IT simpler, more secure and valuable.



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