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Data privacy has always been an important issue for businesses and individuals alike, even before the world went digital. It is why locks on filing cabinets exist and access to the records inside only reserved for a designated few.

As digitization became the norm and the manual way of doing things was slowly phased out, however, so did the need to beef up the security of company data and information. The reason for this is that digital technology brings with it increased data privacy risk, particularly if the Internet and business networks are involved.

With e-commerce on the rise and spurred on the more by COVID-19, data security for organizations is more critical than ever before.

Understanding Data Security and Privacy

By definition, data security involves the protection of digital information against unauthorized access and data breaches, addressing everything from administrative and access protection to cyber threats, security of hardware and more. Data privacy, for its part, deals with data management across its entire lifecycle. A feature of data security, privacy of data ensures the data possessed by an organization is used for its intended purpose and that its integrity is not compromised.

At a time when we live in an ever-growing mountain of data and bad actors aplenty, data privacy and security is a rising matter of concern for every business, large or small. As a company looking to stay on top of its IT systems security, you have the option to take up data security issues in-house or outsource this critical role to a specialist provider.

For many small and medium-sized organizations, having a dedicated team handling IT security is a luxury many can neither afford, nor rely on as top professionals are both costly and hard to find. While larger organizations can afford the costs and have their pick of the best talents out there, an organization prioritizing leanness and efficiency will think about outsourcing this crucial role to an IT business that specializes in organizational IT security.

There are many benefits businesses can enjoy by outsourcing security services to reputable vendors like Sangfor. For instance, you can tap into the vast knowledge and experience of these IT support and cyber security firms as they’ve seen it all and they stay abreast of the latest industry trends. It also allows you to focus on your company’s core business without having to worry about data security issues, in turn allowing you to put your resources where they will be needed most. What’s more, a good vendor will provide you with layered protection and you get to enjoy around-the-clock service without having to contend with a bloated budget, among other benefits.

Why Your Organization’s Data Privacy and Security Matters

A reputable IT business that provides security services will always prioritize your company’s data security because nobody understands the cost implications of a data breach better than them.

Many small enterprises assume that they’re not an attractive enough target for hackers, but it’s not just government institutions and large corporations that are targeted by nefarious characters. In fact, the smaller companies that don’t put enough emphasis on their data security are easy prey for hackers, so what you’re doing by overlooking the importance of having a robust security policy in place is risking your brand image, the confidential data in your possession, and the chance of huge financial costs associated with a data breach.

At a time when businesses are increasingly embracing digital, data has become one of your company’s biggest assets. Whether it’s information pertaining to the business itself (for example, business plans and financial plans) or personal information that customers have entrusted with you (their bank details, for example), these are all assets that need to remain secure and confidential.

The expansion of digital platforms also means that you’re now vulnerable to data attacks on multiple fronts – your company website, the software systems you rely on, organization devices including mobile devices if you have a BYOD culture, the company app etc. The failure to invest in proper data security can leave you at the mercy of hackers since the risk of a data breach is exponentially high.

Having the necessary security protocols in place also helps you minimize data privacy risk, in addition to avoiding unnecessary data breach costs which could come in many forms – for example, loss of critical information, ransom, customer compensation claims and reputation damage.

In Closing

A good IT business understands a data breach can be disastrous for any company, large or small. If you’re considering outsourcing your data privacy and security, it’s important to choose a vendor who has a reputation for treating IT security with the seriousness it deserves.

Sangfor can help your organization by constituting a robust and flexible data security plan that is tailored to your unique business needs. We often start with a security assessment before advising a range of cyber security solutions. As you will realize over time, this often-neglected aspect of business will be well worth the small cost when all is said and done.

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