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Sangfor Technologies Attends the 2021 ASEAN-China Digital Economy Development & Cooperation Forum

On July 16 2021, Sangfor Technologies, a leading vendor in the Southeast Asian (SEA) market for over 10 years, joined the ASEAN-China Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Forum to consult and share with IT industry heads and experts from ASEAN countries. 

Key on the agenda for last Friday’s forum was when the two sides signed cooperation agreements for 20 digital economy, investment, technical cooperation and financial services projects, valued at 26.6 billion yuan ($4.11 billion dollars).

The ASEAN-China Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Forum was designed to bring together China’s experts and scholars on digital economy, for discussion with leaders of other ASEAN embassies and nations. The 2021 China-ASEAN Digital Economy Partnership, will stretch from 2021 to 2025, and will guide all cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the development and maintenance of a healthy digital economy. This is yet another step in China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, and the biggest move we’ve seen since before COVID shut the world down. 

“Facing increasing post-pandemic IT challenges, Sangfor is dedicated to developing a win-win relationship with other innovative companies, in the hopes of supporting APAC-based digital marketing in the future.” said Kaden Zhang, President of the Sangfor International Market.

Sangfor has gradually gained a foothold in a wide range of ASEAN markets, adopting local partners and offering the best technology, at the best price, with the best service. This recent Forum will pave the way for Sangfor to develop more international partnerships, and reach more international customers, an initiative that has been a priority in the past few years. 

For more information on Sangfor’s line of cutting-edge cloud, security and infrastructure products, visit us online at, or email us directly (, and let Sangfor make your IT simpler, more secure and valuable. 


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