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27 November 2019 | 16:00 PM (Hong Kong Time)

Malware is an insidious threat to the security of enterprise, and while Next-Generation Antivirus is 99.5% effective - infiltration remains a clear and present danger. Response to this threat has drawn Sangfor's focus, and spawned the development of their newest security offering, Endpoint Secure. Join us for a demonstration of the realities of total security, and discover how our response to these dangerous eventualities defines us.

Speaker Profile

Speaker: Guy Rosefelt

Guy joined Sangfor in 2019 as our Product Marketing Director for Security. Previously serving as the Director of Threat Intelligence & Web Security Product Management for NSFOCUS and with over 30 years experience in sales engineering, technical product design, technical marketing, business development, auditing & risk assessment for government, military and commercial companies worldwide - Guy is a leader and groundbreaker at the crux of a dynamic cyber-security industry. 
Guy Rosefelt 2