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  • 25 Mar 2021

Sangfor IAG: Taking Secure Web Gateway to the Next-Level

Sangfor IAG Press Release


As part of Sangfor overall strategy to continue to be aligned with the rest of marketplace, we are announcing a product name change from IAM (Internet Access Management) to IAG (Internet Access Gateway). This product name adjustment reflects our continuous improvement as well as making sure our IAG product line is keeping abreast with customer demand. 



IAG represents an evolution from our previous experience and journey to make this solution the cornerstone of our presence worldwide. The new appliance packaging with new name IAG will be effectively changing from 1st April 2021 to replace old appliance. Coming from IAG, subscription-based licensing model will replace existing perpetual-based licensing model to provide a more versatile and simplified licensing structure. 

In addition, this new name IAG will also take place in our next upcoming firmware release (General Announcement) and will be published on Sangfor community website for download on 31st March 2021. Subsequently, IAG name will take place in vIAM/vmIAM edition. 

In tandem with this change, IAG will provide asset management and endpoint check features which encompass: 

  • Endpoint IP Management 
  • Endpoint Discovery 
  • Endpoint Classification 
  • Endpoint antivirus check 



For more information about this asset management, please refer to the descriptions on the upcoming release notes. 
Please take note that these changes will not affect IAM products that are currently used. 
For more information, please contact our sales manager serving you in the designated region. 

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