Sangfor Platform-X is a state-of-the-art cloud-based security operations center that consolidates security device management and security analysis into a unified interface. Platform-X empowers Sangfor users to conveniently manage their security devices, security policies, and security operations from a single pane of glass.

Introduction - Platform-X

Sangfor Platform-X Overview

Advantages & Benefits of Platform-X

Unified Device Management

Platform-X allows users to manage their entire security operations in a simplified and convenient way with unified hardware status monitoring, firmware upgrade, policy synchronization, password-less remote login, and more. 

Centralized Security Visibility

Platform-X unifies security device log collection, performs analysis, and displays results. In addition, it provides security incident monitoring, security status evaluation and reporting, correlated incident detection, and correlation between security devices. 

Security Operations Built on Cutting-Edge Technology & Expertise

Platform-X is built on advanced big data analytics and the rich experience of security analysts and white-hat researchers. With Sangfor Platform-X, users can detect and respond to advanced threats with speed and accuracy and avoid damaging losses and business impact. 

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