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Understanding Current Security Posture

• Further understand the security situation of the organizational information system, by means of this information security risk evaluation.
• Determine the objects that require security protection in the organization and the priority sequence of protected objects, by the identification of information assets.
• Determine the information security threats faced by the organizational information system, by means of threat views, based on threat identification.
• Get to know the statistics and distribution of vulnerabilities in the current information system, by means of vulnerability identification.
• Clearly describe the current security system and missing security control measures, by means of the identification and confirmation of the existing security control measures.

Assisting in Making Management Decisions

After risk evaluation and identification is complete, the major risk components will have been identified. Based on the description, quantification and presentation of information security risks, relevant managers of the organizational information system have been educated to enhance awareness of information security, improve the level of information security protection, develop a risk control program and eliminate potential security hazards, from the organization strategy and services perspective.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

We shall provide professional and efficient security evaluation services for all important service applications, identify potential loopholes in advance, handle security problems in a timely manner, prevent security notices from regulatory authorities, and meet the compliance inspection requirements set by regulatory authorities.

Sangfor Security Service Team

In the field of R&D, Sangfor security service BG has a dedicated R&D team, invests in a large number of R&D resources to develop service tools and platforms, and constantly develops new ideas and technologies, making us a leader in the field of security service technologies.

In service delivery, we are committed to building a first-class team of security services experts. We have formulated a standardized service delivery process at a leading worldwide level, to ensure that our security service delivery is always excellent and first-class globally.