Dec 05, 2023 16:00 GMT +8

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Stop Ransomware in 3 Seconds!

Bold Statement for a Bold Solution. Ransomware attacks occur every 11 seconds with 37% of all businesses and organizations having suffered one or more attacks. You need a bold solution to defend against those statistics. Sangfor Technologies’ Solution for Ransomware is that bold.

All next-gen anti-virus (NGAV) are proven to detect and block zero-day advanced persistent threats (APTs) with 99.5% success. Sounds great until you realize that 350,000 new malware variations are discovered every day. Blocking 350K new malware at 99.5% means 1750 potentially successful malware attacks daily and it only takes one to get through. Once ransomware gets through, it may sleep for weeks before initiating its kill chain.

When an APT breaches, you need to find it and eradicate it. Sangfor’s Solution for Ransomware, featuring the newly released Endpoint Secure 6.0.2 and Network Secure firewall, recognizes that detecting and blocking is the best effort so it concentrates on threat hunting to find the APT that successfully infected your organization. Each product in our ransomware solution blocks one or more steps in the attack kill chain, making sure you are completely protected.

This webinar will highlight the unique technologies that allow us to make that bold statement. We will even have a demo to show our solution in action. And there will be a lucky draw for 5 $20 USD gift cards to thank you for your time. Come see for yourself if we really Stop Ransomware in 3 Seconds!

Stop Ransomware in 3 Seconds!

Speaker: Guy Rosefelt

Guy joined Sangfor in 2019 as our Product Marketing Director for Security. Previously serving as the Director of Threat Intelligence and Web Security Product Management for NSFOCUS and with over 30 years experience Guy is a leader and groundbreaker at the crux of a dynamic cyber-security industry.