Sangfor is proud to announce the release of their most exciting security product to date, Cyber Command, the newest and most powerful, intelligent threat detection and response platform on the market, that will be publiclyavailable on the 10th April 2020.

2020 has produced an era of uncertainty, thus far unprecedented. People across the globe are losing their freedoms, jobs and security to the COVID-19 pandemic, making it the perfect time for cyber-attackers, themselves cloistered in their own homes, to attack and steal valuable data, money and resources. Breaches are detected, on average, after 197 days, with a further 69 days required to contain the breach, at an average cost of 3.68M US$.

Traditional security systems relying on signature-based detection techniques like AV, NGFW and IPS are proving themselves increasingly inept at detecting encroaching malware, ransomware, other advanced attacks or insider threats. Security operations, even those performed by the increasingly rare security expert, are extremely time consuming, as administrators must sort through complex and lengthy security logs and a myriad of alerts to expose actionable threats.  As the pièce de résistance, lack of comprehensive visibility into network activities, further hampered by the sudden and unprecedented shift toward forced work from home, makes threat detection far more difficult.

Cyber Command provides next-level security through:

  1. Detection of known and unknown threats, especially the ones bypassing existing security controls.
  2. Much better visibility of security posture of the entire infrastructure.
  3. Business Impact Analysis helps IT to understand what is already compromised and what needs to be prioritized.
  4. Faster response to improve overall security control.
  5. Much more cost effective than other solutions such as SIEM or SOC.

Sangfor’s Cyber Command platform significantly improves overall security detection and response capabilities by monitoring internal network traffic, correlating existing security events, applying AI and behaviour analysis, all aided by global threat intelligence. Cyber Command uncovers breaches of existing security controls while impact analysis identifies hidden threat within the network. Because Cyber Command integrates network and endpoint security solutions, administrator’s ability to navigate and understand the overall threat landscape is significantly improved, and response to threat is automated and simplified.

At the same time, Sangfor is also proud to announce the release of Sangfor TIARA and Sangfor MDR which are a set of cybersecurity services that leverages the automated detection and response capability of Cyber Command, delivered by certified security consulting experts to help customers with insufficient security expertise to understand their threat landscape, improve their time of detection, and rapidly improve their security posture or overall security infrastructure.

"Only a handful of organizations in the world are able to achieve robust security practices through heavy investment in dozens of security technologies, a significant amount of time integrating them, and hundreds of inhouse experts. However, this is too costly for most organizations, nor is it necessary." Says Jason Yuan, Sangfor Vice President of Products and Marketing. "For the first time ever, Sangfor brings the average customer top-level security detection, threat hunting and response, services that were previously only affordable for Fortune 500 customers."

Tomorrow on the 25th March 2020, Sangfor VP for Product & Marketing, Jason Yuan, will take this opportunity to officially launch Sangfor Cyber Command.Click here to register!

About Sangfor

Visit us at for more information on Cyber Command security. Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing.

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