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National University of Sciences and Technology Pakistan

National University of Sciences and Technology
(Islamabad Main Campus, Pakistan)

Customer Background

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) was established in March 1991 for the promotion of higher scientific education in Pakistan, especially in the fields of science and technology, by providing a stable and disciplined academic environment together with need-based research, pertinent to industrial requirements.

Customer Challenges

  1. Single-Point of Failure for Traditional SAN Storage Controller
  2. Limited Disk Performance With Single SAN Storage
  3. Complex Setup & Heavy Hardware Footprint
  4. Multiple Operation Consoles (Virtual Machine / Storage / Backup Software)
  5. High Annual Renewal Cost for 3rd Party Backup Solution
  6. Traditional Data Center Without Flexibility for Private Cloud Transformation

Sangfor Solution

Customer Benefits With Sangfor Solution

  1. Automated High Availability Without Single-Point Of Failure
  2. High Disk Performance In Virtual Storage With Data Integrity Assured
  3. Ultra-Simplified Setup With Minimal Hardware Footprint
  4. All In One Singe Operation Console
  5. Built-In Backup Solution For Virtual Machines
  6. Built-In Private Cloud Solution Ready On The Go

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