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ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited

ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited (“OLP”) is one of the most prominent non-banking finance companies in Pakistan with a nationwide presence and a large network of individual and corporate customers. OLP offers cost effective value-added financial products and innovative customized services to a wide array of customers throughout Pakistan.

It is headquartered in Karachi and has 31 branches situated in 30 towns and cities, most of branches connected to HQ via a MPLS link of just 4 Mbps.

Executive Summary
Customer: ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited
Industry: Finance
Location: Pakistan

• Maintenance of the multiple WAN links to improve business reliability
• Poor application performance from branches
• Cost-effective

Sangfor Solution
• Sangfor Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN)

Business Challenges
• Pakistan's banking and financial enterprise regulations require them to maintain multiple WAN links to improve business reliability.
• Users often complain about poor application performance from branches, but the MPLS bandwidth is too expensive.

Sangfor Solution
• Branch WAN links: Decrease MPLS bandwidth to 2Mbps and add an internet link with 10 Mbps.
• Due to limited budgets, branches can't access local internet or receive security protection from HQ. Deployment of SANGFOR MIG in branches was proposed to eliminate the problem.
• Proposed NGAF to provide full protection and BBC to centrally manage all branches.

Handling Results
• 2 WAN link redundancy improves WAN availability and compliance to industry regulations.
• Increased total bandwidth from 4 Mbps to 12 Mbps and improved the application experience for end users.
• The costs of new solution is the same as a 4M MPLS solution for the first year, with an OPEX decrease expected in the next few years.
• Simplification of operation and management in branches.

Why Sangfor Beats Competitors
• Customers trust Sangfor due to proven good local service on past projects and good relationships maintained in the area.
• Sangfor fully matched the customer requirements and provided a competitive price.

Similar Target Customers
• Financial service, distributed manufactory, government office, engineering and construction, etc.
• Customers using expensive MPLS who expect to decrease bandwidth costs, especially those with
multiple MPLS customers.
• Customers with strict compliance regulations or those who often suffer business interruption.

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