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Budget Mart

Customer Overview

Budget Mart is a one-stop shop for all grocery and convenience store needs, strategically located at the heart of Boracay’ s bustling commercial center, D’ Mall. It’ s the first modern supermarket operating on the island and, to this day, is still recognized as Boracay’ s Best Supermarket. Budget Mart aims to introduce something new and unique to the public and at the same time elevate the standard of convenience stores around the country through exceptional product selection, delicious food, modern design and excellent service.

Customer Challenge

As the best supermarket of Boracay, Budget Mart’ s business is growing rapidly, daily transactions are beyond thousands. But due to vulnerabilities of the traditional IT architecture, Budget Mart suffered from the problems that dragged down productivity.

Due to bottleneck of existing physical servers, which accommodate the core business, it takes quite a while to transfer daily commodity transaction records from branches, back to headquarters in Makati. The response time is too long, with transmission of transaction records to core system lasting a few hours at a minimum. In addition, if core business is disrupted by unexpected events, they would be unable to recover from the disruption and maintain business continuity.

When business reaches peak time, a data torrent comes into the core system, indicating that the system has no self-adaptive ability to survive peak hours workloads.

Customer Requirements

Business Continuity:
In order to ensure business continuity through unexpected disruption, Budget Mart is building a new IT infrastructure with the capability to guarantee business continuity, minimizing downtime to zero, if possible.

Agility and Synergy:
It’ s necessary to have the ability to recover from disaster and minimize downtime.
The IT infrastructure should be able to recognize pressure from data, and perform self-adjustment to enhance performance and accelerate response time.

Operation and Maintenance:
The current existing traditional IT infrastructure is built with separated physical servers, which have been in operation for several years, many of which are no longer sold. Expect data center silos to be eliminated in the near future, and for O&M to be simplified.

Sangfor HCI Solution

The left side of the graphic above was the layout before the implementation of HCI, with 6 physical servers handling the ERP system and its attached database. On the right side is the current layout of ,the network infrastructure after the deployment of HCI, where old servers have been consolidated down from 6 to 2, and performance of database is far superior.


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