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SANGFOR Security Solutions Help China UnionPay Upgrade Its Network Security Protection

SANGFOR Security Solutions Help China UnionPay Upgrade Its Network Security Protection

China UnionPay is a bank card association approved by the State Council and the People's Bank of China. It has surpassed VISA and became the world's largest bank card clearing organization since 2015. UnionPay serves as the core and hub of China's bank card industry.

With UnionPay’s interbank transaction clearing system, different banks have realized interconnection among systems, thus achieving interbank, trans-regional and cross-border use of bank cards. To meet the increasingly diversified demands of the people for bank card use, China UnionPay has been vigorously promoting various innovative payment services based on bank cards in recent years.

Business Challenges
In recent years, hacker attacks have shifted from technology flaunt to the accumulation of wealth, and cyber attacks against financial institutions have been more and more frequent and destructive around the world. In 2015, the hacker team Carbanak launched an attack on more than 100 financial institutions in 30 countries around the world, resulting in a loss of about USD1 billion.

As Confucius said, when we see a man with no virtue or talent, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves. After foreseeing a surge in attacks against the global financial industry, China UnionPay carefully analyzed relevant cases and launched a security optimization project in 2015. One of the key points of the project is to fully improve the security protection capabilities at the internet gateway of the systems. It aims to secure the information system that provides services for Internet scenarios and build a novel security defense system.

Pain Point 1
According to historical data, almost all successful intrusions were achieved by breaking through the legacy defense systems with new types of attacks, in which cases the victims' legacy defense systems didn't achieve sufficient effect of protection. This has led to the clients' self-examination: Is UnionPay's existing security defense system capable of resisting the new types of attacks that keep emerging?

Paint Point 2
Historical attacks also show that hacker teams adopted the Carbanak attack to obtain important information of bank staff and launched phishing attacks so as to obtain permanent access to the target bank by inducing the bank staff to click on malicious links or implanting backdoors and began to monitor the employees' daily routines and steal sensitive information of users. This has also led UnionPay to ask itself another question: How to effectively manage the complicated Internet behaviors of internal employees and prevent the employees from being induced to click on malicious links and send out important information?

Sangfor Solutions
After extensive survey and reference to experts' advice, China UnionPay's security optimization project has finally adopted the Internet gateway security solution centering around Sangfor Next Generation Firewall & Sangfor Internet Access Management.

⇨ SANGFOR Next-Generation Firewall (NGAF):
By deploying two next-generation firewalls of SANGFOR at the Internet gateway of China UnionPay headquarters, this solution can provide L2-L7 comprehensive defense for the office network and the external services of the DMZ, enabling multiple departments at the UnionPay headquarters such as the Electronic Payments Research Institute and the Technology Business Unit to easily respond to a variety of new type attacks, including APT, extortion, and mining, so as to provide continuous protection for the external payment services throughout the life cycle.

⇨ SANGFOR Internet Access Management (IAM):
Through the deployment of SANGFOR Internet access management, it is possible to construct a security defense line which is subject to full-process protection, monitoring and control at the internet gateway to fully optimize the Internet behaviors of the employees, effectively screen malicious and illegal URLs carrying viruses and Trojans and ensure the security of internal terminals.

Besides, the powerful traffic control function of IAM can ensure the bandwidth demand of the office's staff at the headquarters for e-mail, OA and other core service systems, restrain bandwidth usage for non-working purposes like P2P downloading, and improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

Values of Sangfor Solutions
⇨ Provision of full life cycle security protection:
By replacing the original legacy firewalls at internet gateway, the solution can provide comprehensive application-level security protection for the office network and external payment service of UnionPay, including server protection, virus prevention, WEB application protection, etc., thus building a security shield for UnionPay covering the full life cycle of "pre-event, during-event and post-event” response against attacks.

⇨ Effective prevention of information disclosure:
It can not only detect, defend and clear incoming threatening traffic, but also carry out in-depth analysis on doubtful traffic from servers of the DMZ and terminals of the office network to the outside, thus effectively preventing sensitive business information from leaking and protecting user data, transaction data and other important data.

⇨ Quick detection of doubtful external links:
With the industry's leading bot detection technology, this solution can help the client to detect doubtful behaviors of hosts in the intranet related to external links and nip the risks in the bud for the client by detecting every minor sign of risk.

⇨ Simplifying security operation and maintenance:
By providing user friendly visualized interfaces, it can help the IT operation and maintenance staff of UnionPay to learn about the security conditions in the network rapidly and assist the administrator in rapid handling so that the IT team can be freed from the burdensome operation and maintenance and spend more energy on supporting business innovation.

“SANGFOR’s Next-Generation Firewalls have been capable of ensuring stable running while enabling all protection policies since being launched online. In addition, in practical operation, the products feature easy operation and intuitive interfaces, in particular, the security reports can really provide effective risk warning and basis for the optimization of the security strategies, thus greatly reducing the workload of our operation and maintenance personnel”. - UnionPay’s IT Team

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