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Let COVID-19 Teach us about Cyber Security | Cyber Command Product Launch


25 March 2020 | 16:00 PM (Hong Kong Time)

Despite our advances in medical science, humans are still vulnerable to newly developed virus such as COVID-19. One thing we know today about coronavirus: it can be extremely contagious even if patients have shown no sign of symptoms. This is remarkably similar to IT security. For example, most ransomware remains dormant for weeks or months until activated. While the infected hosts are not causing any damages, they are busy infecting other systems. IT organizations only have knowledge of ransomware that is reported by PC or server users. This discussion borrows the lessons learned from center for disease control, such as detection, quarantine, and tracking down "patient zero", and demonstrates best practices for cybersecurity professionals.

During this webinar session, Sangfor will also introduce a brand new weapon for our practitioners: Sangfor Cyber Command, helping organizations to understand their current threat landscape, perform impact analysis, and improve their security posture.

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