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Sangfor Introduces Neural-X: AI Enabled Cloud Platform for Threat Intelligence & Analytics


Sangfor Technologies, a leading vendor in network security and cloud computing solutions, announces the release of Neural-X, the core of our newest cloud-based intelligence and analytic platform powered by AI. Just as biological neural circuits are interconnected to form large scale brain networks – Neural-X utilizes the power of AI to enable powerful end-to-end threat intelligence which learns from the past and harnesses the future of network security.

The complexity of today’s IT business environment is unprecedented, but along with the technical advances that power our ever-growing technical world, businesses also face a significant threat from increased cyber-attacks on the ever-expanding complex web of networks and platforms on which we stage todays every business move. Threat intelligence and security analytics are added capabilities to network security, endpoint security and risk management that enable organizations to understand, assess and prevent against known and unknown threats from external sources.

“Threat intelligence and analytics really empowers the end-users to make quick and well informed decisions when it comes to the security of their network.” says Jason Yuan, VP of Products and Marketing at Sangfor. “We see investment in threat intelligence as reconnaissance in a war – we are giving our customers the spies, battle plans and flame throwers they will need to launch pre-emptive strikes against the cyber-enemy and we will always be here to watch their back.”

Neural-X is at the core of intelligent threat detection and defense. With IoT attacks up 600% in 2017 and ransomware attacks growing 350% annually, businesses are fighting a battle they can’t afford to lose – literally. The average cost of a malware attack on a company was USD 2.4 million in 2017 with an average of 50 days of recovery time post-attack. Available now, Neural-X has an entire interconnected network of security features like Engine Zero, ZSand, Botnet Detection and Threat Intelligence designed to help you win the war before it even starts. Neural-X and Sangfor are offering new products like:

Sangfor Engine Zero, a malware inspection engine embedded in Sangfor’s network security, end-point solutions and Neural-X cloud platform. Powered by deep learning capability, Engine Zero is a fast and accurate malware detection engine that can detect both known and unknown malware.

Sangfor ZSand, our newest sandboxing technology and combined with deep learning, ZSand goes beyond simple detection into analysis and proactive prevention. In recent tests ZSand was able to identify GrandCrab, Zusy, Globelmposter and LockCrypt with no previous signature – drastically reducing the risk of future zero-day attacks.

Botnet Detection goes beyond detection of fixed IP addresses and domain names, and now Sangfor offers the flexibility sorely needed. Using flow analysis, visual calculation and deep learning technology Sangfor can now uncover botnets which were previously undetectable.

Threat Intelligence offers global intelligence and a global view – allowing end-users to stay a step ahead of those with malicious intent. By providing real-time monitoring capabilities on an easy to use platform, a comprehensive view of the past, current and future security of your network has never been easier.

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Malware is malleable with up to 285,000 new variants created daily. While names like WannaCry and BadRabbit might sound frightening, roughly 99% of malware samples appear only once before being modified to be unrecognizable. How do you defend against an enemy you can’t see coming?

By using visual calculation, Neural-X tracks botnet behaviour of bots trying to reach their secret command and control servers. Neural-X has created an association map of these domain names making it easy to detect similar domain names used by different malware variants. Flow analysis protects on the back-end by processing the results of the analysis of malicious behaviour detected in ZSand, and sharing findings of IOC of IP, URL and DNS with threat intelligence – keeping everyone up to date on any emerging threats they might encounter. In short, Sangfor Technologies and Neural-X are watching your back.

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