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The “Heart” of SANGFOR is NOT “Bleeding”!

SSL VPN is the 1st product line and also the very 1st product of SANGFOR that entered Gartner MQ. SANGFOR SSL VPN has won more than 1/2 of the hardware VPN market in China. So, SSL VPN has always been SANGFOR’s “sweetheart”.

After the breaking out of Heartbleed vulnerability on OpenSSL protocol, we often hear our partners and customers asking anxiously: “Will the ‘Heartbleed vulnerability’ affect SANGFOR SSL VPN?” “Can SANGFOR NGFW detect & prevent ‘Heartbleed vulnerability’?”…

The answer to the 1st question: No! “Heartbleed vulnerability” is on the protocol of OpenSSL 1.0.1-1.0.1f, while our SSL VPN English version is NOT using this protocol. So, it won’t be affected.

P.S. We do have an old version of SSL VPN getting affected --- SSL VPN 6.2/6.3 Chinese version. Our domestic team has already provided related patch on April 9th, users can download and install the patch manually. On April 10th, all SANGFOR devices using SSL VPN 6.2/6.3 Chinese version will be updated and patched automatically.

The answer to the 2nd question: Yes! SANGFOR NGFW has updated its IPS rules and can now detect & prevent ‘Heartbleed vulnerability’ precisely and effectively!

As a leading vendor of Web Security, WAN Optimization and Network Management in Asia-Pacific Region, SANGFOR is an innovative & responsible, powerful & professional IT company. How can we let our “sweetheart” bleeding and break our partners and customers’ heart?! :)

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