Customer Overview

Coolpad Group Limited is a Chinese telecommunications equipment company. It is the 3rd largest smartphone company in China and sixth-largest worldwide. From January to June 2012, the company had a market share of shipments of 10.4%.


After over 10 years of development, Coolpad already has a strong R&D capability in the field of wireless communications. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen with branches in 50 major cities nationwide, R&D institutions, and production bases in Beijing, Xi'an and Dongguan.



With the development of the group business and expansion of the internal business system, Coolpad adopted SDH dedicated lines to achieve overall interconnections between the Headquarters and key branches to guarantee the efficient operation of its application systems.

In order to conform to the needs of business and management, Coolpad was constantly improving its IT system and had established file sharing, IBM version management software CC, UFIDA ERP, CRM, and other B/S applications as well as an Exchange-based mail system. These systems carry important business traffic of Coolpad, while the WAN becomes the only key channel for business transmission.

The daily average bandwidth utilization rate of some parts of the existing SDH dedicated line is around 70%~80% and even reaches 100% during peak hours. Staff in Dongguan and Xi’an started complaining about the slow speed of system access, which affected their work efficiency. The reason for that is mainly because those staff, especially the R&D staff, requires frequent file sharing and large file transfers, which generate big data that causes great pressure on the line.

Considering the current bandwidth utilization situation and future business development plan, Coolpad decided to upgrade the current network bandwidth between the Headquarters and each branch by 2 times. However, the rental cost of a dedicated line is generally very expensive. We can take their Xi'an branch as an example: Upgrading the dedicated line from 40M to 80 M would cost 1 million RMB per year. 



Sangfor Solution

After comparing and testing a variety of solutions and through in-depth analysis, the IT department of Coolpad finally chose Sangfor WAN Optimization (WANO) solution to resolve the dilemma of speed and heavy investment.

Flow Visualization - Pinpointing Issues - Optimization & Acceleration - Report Presentation, the integrated process of Sangfor WANO makes the network optimization of the dedicated line more complete.

In actual testing and daily use, the access rate of end-users is enhanced by an average of 3 times, the transmission rate of CIFS, FTP, and other files enhanced by more than 5 times, the reduction ratio of overall network flows reached 80%, which fully released the bandwidth pressure, avoiding bandwidth upgrade and effectively saved the cost of IT expansion, meanwhile, the visual reporting feature reduced user’s cost of operation, maintenance, and management.

The deployment of the Sangfor WANO solution solved the problems that Coolpad was facing. This cost-effective solution helped Coolpad save nearly 1 million RMB of investment cost per year on dedicated lines. The excellent product and solution, as well as high quantity after-sales service of Sangfor, won the praise of Coolpad.

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