Customer Background

Kleindienst Group is a real estate and property developer founded in Austria, with a significant operational presence in Dubai. The company has gained recognition for its ambitious projects, particularly in the luxury real estate sector. It is most renowned for its involvement in the development of The Heart of Europe, a grand project comprising a series of artificial islands off the coast of Dubai. Their portfolio includes property development, construction, coral engineering, business centers, yacht building, hospitality, and renewable energy, among others.

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Customer Pain Points

  • Security of Design Drawings: In the real estate industry, design drawings are highly valuable as they contain proprietary and sensitive information. The security of these documents is paramount. However, the traditional PCs Kleindienst Group was using are often vulnerable to data leaks and security breaches. These can come from internal staff misusing their access rights or from external hackers penetrating the network.
  • Aging PCs: Traditional PCs have physical components that are prone to wear and tear over time, leading to aging and potential malfunctions. PC malfunctions can lead to significant data loss, including the loss of intricate design details, project plans, and client information.
  • High Costs of Software Licenses and Hardware: Real estate design and development often require advanced 3D modeling software, which can be expensive, with licenses typically required for each workstation. Additionally, powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) are needed to run this software efficiently, further raising costs.
  • Difficult PC Deployment and Maintenance: Traditional PC workstations require significant effort to deploy and maintain. This includes installing and updating 3D software environments, implementing policies, and managing hardware components. In a large and dynamic company, keeping every workstation up to date and functioning correctly can be a challenge, requiring sufficient IT staff and resources.
  • Lack of Support for Flexible Hybrid Working: The modern workforce increasingly demands flexibility, including the ability to work remotely or in a hybrid model. Traditional workstations, being physically located in an office, don’t inherently support this flexibility. For a company involved in global projects like Kleindienst Group, the ability to work flexibly and remotely is crucial for timely collaboration and decision-making.

Sangfor Solution for Kleindienst Group

Sangfor proposed Sangfor Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to Kleindienst Group.

Sangfor VDI is a secure desktop virtualization solution. Instead of having a traditional PC setup, each user accesses a virtual desktop that is hosted on a centralized server from any location, at any time, using any device. For administrators, it centralizes the management of desktop environments and computing resources.

The Sangfor VDI solution provided to Kleindienst Group includes a GPU server equipped with an NVIDIA-GPU-A16, a powerful GPU that supports virtualization. This allows the physical GPU server to be divided into multiple virtual GPUs to support up to twenty 3D software users. Designers are provided with dedicated VMs bound to their identity as well as data loss prevention (DLP) policies to safeguard sensitive data.

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How Kleindienst Group Benefited from Sangfor VDI

  • Cost Savings: With Sangfor VDI, each VM requires only one license while sharing the GPU, significantly reducing the costs associated with purchasing multiple software licenses and high-performance GPUs for each workstation.
  • Flexible GPU Resource Sharing: This GPU resource sharing is highly flexible, with allocation options including 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB configurations. This ensures that resources can be adjusted based on the needs for specific tasks, optimizing the performance and cost-efficiency of the GPU server.
  • Data Security: In the VDI setup, data is stored on backend servers rather than on local devices. This centralized storage is complemented by robust data leakage protection policies, including anti-screenshot, anti-copy, watermarking, and file auditing features. Such measures significantly reduce the risk of data leaks and breaches, ensuring that the company’s intellectual property remains secure.
  • Easy Deployment and Maintenance: Sangfor VDI offers a unified VM and policy management, simplifying the IT management process. Moreover, if a workstation encounters issues, it can be easily replaced without the risk of data loss, as the data and applications are not stored on the local device but in the data center.
  • Flexible Hybrid Working: Sangfor VDI supports hybrid working, allowing employees to work from any device, anywhere, and at any time. The same VM can be accessed from different locations, ensuring consistency from design to production stages.
  • On-demand Deployment: Business needs can fluctuate, requiring more or less computing resources. Sangfor VDI allows for quick adjustments to VM resources based on actual needs. This flexibility ensures that resources are used efficiently and can be scaled up or down according to the project requirements or the number of active users.

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In conclusion, Sangfor VDI effectively resolved Kleindienst Group’s challenges, providing a secure, cost-effective, and flexible workspace environment. The group now enjoys enhanced data security, reduced operational costs, and the agility to adapt to a dynamic market, solidifying their competitive edge in the real estate industry.


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