Lori SPA is the parent company of 3 companies

  • Pratesi Hotel Division
  • EuroPlanet Home
  • Rino Pratesi SPA

Pratesi Hotel Division, a leading company in the wholesale distribution of catering products.

EuroPlanet Casa, a chain of 12 stores specializing in housewares and gift items, toys, detergents, home hygiene and personal hygiene.

Rino Pratesi Spa – has been involved in the wholesale of housewares and gift items since 1960. One of the main wholesale distribution centers in central Italy thanks to over 25,000m2 of exhibition space.


  • B2B sector
  • Location: Italy

The challenge

Lori SPA was looking for a technological partner that would allow it to renew the company data center, managing to provide not only the virtualization and backup part, but also the security necessary to face increasingly sophisticated threats, integrating both into a single infrastructure. requests.

It also needed an infrastructure that could manage the IT infrastructure of all three companies with a single system and a small number of people.

Sangfor Solution

With the possibility of renewing the existing data center and centralizing security, Lori SPA has equipped itself with the Sangfor HCI hyperconvergence solution. Furthermore, it has chosen to combine the versatility of Sangfor infrastructure solutions with the perimeter defense and endpoint security component, virtualizing the new generation NGAF Firewall solution and Endpoint Secure security in a single hyper-converged cluster, thus facilitating management, troubleshooting and reporting; all combined with data security, entrusted to the hyper-convergence and high reliability HCI infrastructure.

A notable optimization of the processes linked to a single vendor, capable of supporting the IT department with easy-to-use and complete solutions, from project definition to everyday operations.

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