Malaysia’s Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) Opts for Sangfor HCI Architecture


KPLB (Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar), or the Ministry of Rural Development is the department responsible for overseeing rural, regional, and community developments, as well as Bumiputera, Orang Asli, rubber industry smallholders, land consolidation, and land rehabilitation in Malaysia.

This means there is a wealth of data that requires constant updating, backing up, and protection. The ministry had been optimizing a 3-tier architecture platform for their virtualization management, physical servers, and storage needs.



With the use of the 3-tier architecture with their previous vendor, the ministry faced several issues. One of these issues was underperforming systems that did not meet their data needs. Another issue that the ministry was facing was single points of failure for their storage which left them reliant on one copy of the data that they had and that they were generating. Finally, the ministry struggled with difficulty in managing their virtualization platforms and physical servers because their vendor did not accommodate both of these systems. As a result, their architecture requirements were not being met, which was affecting their business performance and their ability to process data.

To make matters worse, updates for the architecture that the vendor previously used by the ministry had been providing were expensive even though the features being provided were limited. This meant that they were paying more money for fewer services, and they still had unfulfilled needs.


Using Sangfor HCI

Sangfor was able to meet all of the ministry’s architecture needs through the 3rd Gen Sangfor HCI- Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. KPLB found this a highly sufficient solution. By using Sangfor HCI, the virtual monitors used by the ministry were able to directly access data from a centralized platform. This increased their performance because Sangfor accommodated their existing systems.

The Sangfor HCI strategy for the ministry provided data backups, with two copies available to protect against potential disasters such as hard disk and data failures. This would also minimize any downtime that the organization might experience as a result of server failures by providing a readily accessible data copy. This, along with Sangfor’s built-in security that has self-healing abilities mean that the ministry will experience little to no disruptions in their systems.

Sangfor’s HCI solution was efficiently integrated with the ministry’s existing backup solution. This was a great benefit because the ministry wanted to maintain the backups they had, while still adding on Sangfor’s backup and storage solutions. 

The deployment of Sangfor HCI was fast and efficient. The ministry received quick responses and solutions from Sangfor when issues arose that had to do with the virtual monitor operating systems. Sangfor was on standby both during and after the integration.

Sangfor’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure converges compute, storage, networking, and security services onto a single software stack. HCI platform essentially brings all of an organization’s cloud architecture needs together on a single software-defined data center solution as opposed to different services on different systems or solutions. 

The built-in scalability, reliability, and agility of Sangfor’s solutions allow organizations to upscale and downscale as they need. This limits the costs and allows organizations to only spend money on the services they use. If they grow, they can freely expand their package, and if they want to stop certain services, they can also do that with ease.

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