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The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Malay: Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi), abbreviated MOSTI, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia. MOSTI is looking forward “to create a conducive environment for the advancement of science and technology as a means of generating knowledge, wealth and raise the quality of life through sustainable development." Therefore, they are responsible to enhance Malaysia's competency in S&T in order to increase national competitiveness in the global market while maintaining commitment towards environmental management.

Business Pain-Points

1. MOSTI was expending a great deal of energy on managing endpoints, patching, database updates, and scanning, monopolizing the time of IT administrators.


2. MOSTI was concerned with endpoint management as well as internal traffic generated from the endpoints. They could see a great deal of C&C traffic initializing from the endpoints, but their Antivirus was detecting nothing, creating a contradiction between the endpoints and gateway firewall.

3. MOSTI feared ransomware infection of their core business assets would affect their operation and reputation if any attacks exposed public information.

4. MOSTI had thousands of endpoints including working PCs and various servers. Their previous solution did not have a centralized overview of the real-time network conditions, like when their OS was fully patched. When scanning endpoints with their legacy solution, they were required to scan each individually, an exhausting and inecient task.

Benefits of Sangfor NGAF & Central Manager Solution

1. Sangfor implemented their correlated Endpoint Secure and NGAF solutions to enhance network defense. Endpoint Secure is responsible for vulnerability patching and other tasks occupying administrator time and energy.

2. Antivirus is often unable to detect malicious actions like C&C traffic and backdoors and often has an outdated database of threat signatures or the inability to detect new virus variants. With the help of Sangfor NGAF and Endpoint Secure correlation features, NGAF can stop C&C traffic and perform remote scanning and file quarantine, to protect the network environment from infection.

3. Sangfor NGAF +Endpoint Secure can cope with any ransomware threat. If one endpoint is infected by ransomware, Sangfor Endpoint Secure’ micro-segmentation feature prevents ransomware from spreading internally. Sangfor Endpoint Secure also has a Zero-File Infection function which uses dummy files as bait to kill the ransomware encryption process immediately when triggered.

The Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation 2

4. Sangfor Endpoint Secure has a centralized management platform that gives users an overview of their endpoint condition, performs remote scanning of all the endpoints, quarantines malicious files from NGAF or Endpoint Secure manager, creates policies to prevent endpoints from communicating with critical servers. Finally, Endpoint Secure always updates its database automatically, to quickly identify new or unknown threats.

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