About Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is an autonomous body set up by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. It provides the foundation for Punjab’s innovation economy.

The Board aims to modernize governing techniques through transparency-induced methods, as well as to increase the digital literacy of citizens while also providing many other services. PITB is committed to effectively and efficiently providing IT services and infrastructure to the government and local businesses.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)

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PITB's Challenges

PITB was using legacy machines for managing their applications. It is a tremendous task being the central body for hosting major applications of government entities for the entire Punjab province. Managing such an immense workload on legacy architecture and open-source cloud solutions was not a viable option.

PITB had to face the following major challenges in reaching the requirements of this task:

  • The wide range of high-level expertise required to run the Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.
  • The need for a unified system that offered simplicity, reliability, security, and scalability in one solution.
  • The hosting of critical government apps on their private cloud and facing the complexities of integration and the provision of a security portfolio for the tenants using third-party vendors.
  • The difficulty of managing multi-tenancy and self-service provisioning across different cloud platforms.
  • The high capital expenditure and operating expenses from other proposed solutions. They did not guarantee an ideal return on investments as per revenue generation expectations.
  • The lack of professional and prompt support from the original equipment manufacturers.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor has equipped PITB with its Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Sangfor Cloud Platform (SCP), including the licensing suite which includes the entire software component module. This gives PITB the leverage to host its own private cloud as well as the ability to launch a public cloud for the government entities of the Punjab province. PITB now has an enterprise cloud computing platform built on a business-centric HCI solution.

Critical Value Proposition

  • Sangfor’s HCI solution is designed to have effortless operating processes and a simplified architecture with self-healing functions. It is incredibly easy to operate and manage. This makes it significantly easier for the enterprise sector to install, troubleshoot and host business applications.
  • HCI delivers a unified software-defined data center solution that is compatible with a variety of physical hardware. It is extremely dependable and offers built-in security with robust modules while being tremendously easy to scale up in order to meet business needs.
  • The ability to integrate next-generation security modules with a single click on the cloud platform ensures that tenants get the maximum required security.
  • Sangfor’s Cloud Platform lets the client create and manage tenants. This allows them to effectively respond to business needs and offer flexible pricing plans from the convenience of a single interface console.
  • Sangfor cares for the financial needs of the client and provides cost-effective solutions by lowering the CapEX and OpEX. It enables them to generate the desired revenue for their organization.
  • Sangfor understands the importance of business continuity in today’s times and will strive to provide swift and efficient support to our valuable customers.


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