Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) Overview

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is a public technical university in Malaysia. It was established in 2002 by the Malaysian government. The university specializes in offering a variety of Technology and Engineering courses. It is also committed to innovating and developing unique academic curricula through strategic international collaborations.

 Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)

 Source: https://www.ump.edu.my/en

UMP is one of the top public universities in Kuantan, Malaysia. It is ranked #801-1000 in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. The university is committed to the development of human capital and technology to fulfill the needs of industries and contribute to national development.

UMP has around 16,000 students and two thousand staff members. It requires advanced computing technology to maintain its position as a leading educational institution. To maintain the highest standards for its students and faculties, the university is pushing towards Smart Campus Initiatives. It also requires advanced cloud computing technology in place.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang's Business Pain-Points

UMP utilized the traditional three-tier architecture for their servers. It was slower and ineffective. The university sought an advanced shift into cloud computing for superior operational power to facilitate its needs.

The risk of downtime was a major issue for the university. This is because the students and faculties require functional systems in place at all times. The digital experience of staff and faculty members was of foremost importance. This will ensure the continuous smooth operation of the network for the sake of effective learning.

Furthermore, the implementation of the system needed to be time-efficient for the dynamic university structure to run smoothly. UMP required rapid informed assistance with the deployment of the new system to deliver an advanced experience in a timeous manner.

Lastly, UMP looked toward enacting a disaster recovery and redundancy plan for the servers to ensure maximum flexibility of operations. The university needed a secure and dependable backup system for its off-site disaster recovery network to ensure effortless functional continuity.

Sangfor Solution for Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Sangfor’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is more than traditional 3-tier design that the university had in place. It offers simplified infrastructure while increasing efficiency and processing power. Sangfor HCI offers 3rd generation HCI to converge compute, storage, networking, and security onto a single-software stack. This brings all the organization’s cloud architecture needs together under one solution.

The university makes use of the data backup and built-in self-healing security systems of Sangfor HCI. This reduces the risk of downtime. It allows for no disruptions and a seamless operating experience. The HCI design minimizes downtime backlash. It monitors the system for any vulnerabilities and maintains a secure data backup in place.

The deployment of Sangfor’s HCI is simplified and accessible, making the configuration of the system easy. The technical assistance given by the Sangfor team provides expert and efficient installation. It allows for a comfortable transition to the cloud computing network.

Sangfor HCI also provided built-in backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for the UMP off-site branch servers. It ensured functionality in the event of any interruptions or security breaches. This gave the university ease of operation knowing that their data backups are in safe and reliable hands.

End-User Experience

Let's watch this exclusive interview with Ts. Mohd Rashid Abu Bakar, the Head of Digital Infrastructure at UMP:

Sangfor HCI presented a seamless transition into the cloud computing industry for UMP, with its simplified and user-friendly design. The rapid and professional response from Sangfor’s technical staff left a positive impression on UMP. It assured the university that all of its IT requirements would be met with the same level of efficiency and fervor.

UMP received professional technical on-site assistance from Sangfor. The implementation of the HCI solution was proficient and effective, and deliveries and support were prompt. It ensured that the university could host immediate configuration for the HCI solution.

Sangfor HCI provided the university with extensive cloud computing technology to renovate its server infrastructure. The university remains grateful for the driven solutions posed by the Sangfor team. It is also enthusiastic to continue with Sangfor’s advanced computing solutions in the future to maintain its prestigious ranking as a top university in Malaysia.


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