About Yamaha Motor Asian Center

Yamaha Motor Asian Center Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is located in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand. As of now, the center employs over 250 staff. Its business operations encompass motorcycle development for the Asian Market, functioning as an R&D Center, and hosting the Trade & Investment Support Office (TISO). TISO provides services for the planning, procurement, supply, and quality control of completely knocked down (CKD) parts and raw materials for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, outboard motors, and golf cars. These services are extended across group companies in Asia, Europe, the USA, and South America, aiming to achieve the highest efficiency in quality, cost, and delivery.

Yamaha Motor Asian Center

Image source: https://www.yamaha-motor.co.th/about-us/group-of-business/ymac

Business Challenges

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yamaha Motor Asian Center struggled to maintain business continuity due to lockdown restrictions. The company needed a way to allow employees to work efficiently from home.

  • However, the company had security concerns about data leaks and the spread of viruses when employees remotely accessed internal systems, especially because data related to R&D and trading is sensitive and critical.
  • The IT team was burdened with a heavy operations and maintenance workload due to the complex management of PC hardware, operating systems, and applications. This led to significant business downtime for product development and production.

Sangfor VDI Solution for Yamaha Motor Asian Center

Sangfor proposed its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution to the Yamaha Motor Asian Center to address its challenges.
Sangfor VDI delivers virtual desktops to users based on VDI architecture, allowing employees to access their workspace remotely from any device.

  • All data is centrally stored on the backend VDI server in two copies to ensure data security. No data is transmitted to the client side; only screen images are.
  • The network between virtual machines and user devices is isolated. This eliminates the risk of lateral movement even if user devices are infected with malware.
  • A watermark is applied to the screen of the virtual desktop to prevent data leakage by employees.
  • Offers unified virtual desktop management and remote support to improve IT efficiency.

Benefits of Sangfor VDI

Business continuity is assured, regardless of whether users work from home or experience PC failures.

  • Data security is significantly enhanced, as the risks of data loss due to disk errors, internal user data leakage, and malware infection are greatly reduced.
  • Business efficiency is improved as IT operations become more efficient with simpler management and faster troubleshooting.

Why Sangfor?

Sangfor VDI adopts a unified, one-stop architecture, making it easy for IT teams to operate and manage.

  • It features an end-to-end security design to offer comprehensive data protection.
  • Sangfor provides fast and outstanding service. Proposing and approving the solution was completed in one week, and the implementation took only two days.


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